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Gyno Or Not


I was wondering if you guys think this looks like it is gyno or just fat I need to lose yet. I used to weight about 280-285 and have worked my way down to 200 lbs. I still have a soft stomach, lower back (love handles), and chest. The fatty area of my chest feels the exact same as my stomach so that made me think it is just fat and some loose skin that needs to come off and tighten up. I lift 4 times a week and I keep my diet pretty strict. Its about 90% clean. Just curious if you think this is something that will go away with further fat loss and muscle building. Sorry its such a blurry pic but thats the best my phone can do. Thanks!!!


It looks like it from here.

Maybe take a picture from the side for a more definate answer.


How can you tell from the side. My nipples dont stick out like you see on some guys and dont have that puffy look. It is flat from the side, just kinda saggy. Thats why I thought it might just be loose skin and some left over fat from when I was way over weight.


good job boss99er on the weight loss..

i'm in the same boat you were..

i'm was about 290 when i decided enough was enough.. (back in feb. of this year)

i broke the 269 mark yesterday

so i've got 69 more lbs to go.

i'd like to get down to 200-230 but be toned more than you (no offense)

in other words i want your weight loss but with better results :slight_smile:

i am afraid i'll have the loose skin issue to, but i have a bigger frame than you do, so i think the only area i may have trouble with is my gut..

anyways - congrats and good luck with the rest of your training..


Ahh man, that pic isnt quite accurate. That was about 4 months ago when I just started lifting heavy. I have improved quite a bit already as far as muscle tone but still have a few flabby areas. Dont worry, I am not satisfied with what I have right now. I will be alot more toned in the future. Maybe some day you will say "I wish I could have the progress you have." ha ha.


Upon further inspection I've come to the conclusion it might just be hair, dude.


Get a more recent pic so we can see what' you're looking like now.


You didn't have gyno bro.

It looks much different than that pic you posted.


Ha ha, yeah, I am a little hairy. I know the hair down the middle makes it look almost like I have cleavage. The part I am most worried about is right at the bottom of each pec. Its almost further down than my nipple area. I have heard gyno is supposed to be behind the nipple, further down below it. Its kinda similar to the little bit of fat I have left in my lower abs. It feels like the left over fat from losing weight went to the bottom of my pecs and the bottom of my abs. I kinda feels like just loose skin with a little fat in it. Maybe those two places are just hard to get rid of. My chest is pretty solid everywhere except the very bottom. Same with my stomach. I will try to get some recent pics pretty soon. Any other input??? What do others think, is this gyno or just fat and loose skin.


NateDog, so your saying I just need to get my ass to work and grind off the left overs huh??? I have been working my ass off just to get where I am so I am no stranger to hard work.

I forgot to say that I am 24 right now and I have been overweight most my life (since early teenage years) so I am sure I will have some loose skin that will never go away. I also have some stretch marks, but I see those as battle scars to remind me of where I have come from and to keep me from going back. Hopefully I can at least get my chest in shape, that is the part that has always bothered me the most.


Well I have one person say yes and one say no. Any other opinions???


Its not gyno.

A lot of guys mistake lower chest fat for gyno. And some guys have bigger nips than others.

If it was gyno, you would have hard deposits behind your nips that don't away when you get lean.


I say no

we all have the majority of our fat stores in different places and being that there is no such thing as spot reduction the area were you have the most fat will still be puffy when you are lean in other places. when i diet down i can see vains in my chest legs arms back...etc. and still have fat on mt hips. you have some more work to do,but i would say that the man boobs will go away when you are lean enough.
congrats on the loss to date and keep up the good work.
if you are worried about gyno because of steriod use i say this, and some may think that it is garbage others may not... reach your bodies potetial before using steriods even then steroids are cheating. i have never used them, for many reaons but mainly because i like working so hard that i throw up with the results in the mirror being my reward. steriods pose seriuos health risks and if gyno is from steriods than you are using the wrong cycle, what else could you be doing to your body and not know it yet.
"what you steal wont nourish you"!!!


Nah, I am not worried about this because of steroids. I dont hold it against guys that do use them, but I myself would never consider them. Since I have worked so hard just to get where I am already, I dont want to tarnish that and have people be able to say it was because of drugs that I got here. I agree I have a long ways to go, but thats what I look forward to.


good then you are on the right road to success

check your body fat% then monitor it monthly,
when you stop losing it then change your routine.
it will go away but it takes work
i imagine that is the fatest part on you?
was it the first place where you gained fat?
it will be the last place you use it
make sure your protien intake is on point.
the more muscle you have the more calories you burn--hence the more fat you will lose
make sure you do enough cardio too!!!


I dont remember where I first gained fat. I went from a scrawny 2nd grader to a fat 3rd grader pretty much in one summer. I was then overweight all of my life until about 2 years ago when I decided I had enough. You said make sure my protein is on point. My intake ratio is usually this: 40% protein, 35% carbs, and 25% fat. Does that look ok??? I also take in about 2500 cals a day. I am 6'2" and about 197 right now. I lift 4 days a week and try to do HIIT training 2 times a week.