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Gyno or Not?

Sorry to add yet another gyno post, but I can’t seem to find anything that matches what I’m getting. I’m wondering if I’m just being a sketchy mo-fo or if I do indeed have a potential gyno case on my hands.

I’m in week 5 of a 12 week Test-e cycle 300mg 2xW Running with Proviron 50mgED.

My “nipples” are fine in them selves, no more sensitive than normal, but my chest on the left hand side feels itchy. This has been the case since Wednesday, after doing a big chest session on the Monday. the usual training ache, turned into this itching. It’s odd though, but I can’t seem to peg it to gyno going by what I’ve read. does it sound like anything you guys have had or heard of? It’s like the muscle itches just under the skin!

I have Novdex on hand should I need it and have Arimidex on order. I’ve had real issues with getting it and the price (uk), so I thought (could prove to be my mistake going by some threads I’ve read) that the Proviron would cover me while I waited.

should I take the Novdex as a precaution? Don’t want to unless I have to. This is the third day of having this itch and it may be getting less, but I’m not totally sure…

I personally think it is.

Take 20mgs of Tamoxifen with your 50mgs of mesterolone, and that will cover you nicely till the arimidex. Probably for the course but… upto you.

Ps: arimidex is no harder to get in the UK if you A/ know a dealer or B/ use research chemicals or C/ use a stealth supplier…

I of course, have neither… :wink:

hope this helps.


It could be a reaction to the test.When i was towards the end of my previous cycle my whole entire body itched like crazy at random points of the day and i would get these tiny little red bumps like little mosquito bites.I asked my doctor and he guessed the same.

Hey guys, thanks for the posts.

the itching seemed to subside, but after taking my AM 25mg of Proviron, after about an hour or so it came back again. Anyone ever heard of having a reaction to Proviron?

Gonna start with 20mg of Novdex until it calms (if it calms) or until the Adex turns up.

Thanks again guys.