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Gyno or Just Paranoid?


I started my 2nd week of my cycle today and for the past few days my right nipple hasnt necessarily been tender or puffy but its seems as if its been harder. Is this the on set of gyno or am I just paranoid!?
I started nolva/clom at 20mgs/day
And my started my Aromasin at .4 /day

My cycle link: http://tnation.T-Nation.com/hub/Murkusmaximus#myForums/thread/4883989/
W1-10 600mgs Test-Cyp E3D
W1-4 30mgs Liquid Dbol ED


20mg of nolva/clom? is that nolvadex or clomid?

Taking nolvadex can make your nipples harder, when I had gyno If I used 40mg Nolvadex a day my nipples would harden up. Gyno, when emerging usually makes your nipples feel sore (like the've been rubbing on your t-shirt) and puffy.

I would advise taking .5 mg Adex twice a week on this cycle, which should, under normal circumstances be sufficient to prevent any gyno. I used 1mg adex a week on 800mg test, with existing gyno and had no amortization problems.


its a Nolva/Clomid mix. The vial reads: clomiphene citrate 50mg/ml USP tamoxifen citrate 10 mg/ml-60ml vial.

As for my AI, I have exemestane the vial reads: 25mg/ml - 30ml vial.
I've been doing .4 mg/day. Is that correct?
Do I need to bump my exemestane dosages up?
My nipples arent sore at all just more errect, is it possible that its just all in my head?

Much appreciated


dont mean to nag but could really use some help


Increase the aromasin a bit. Dont increase the dose too often though. The effects arent immediate.

Tender nipples doesnt mean youve developed permanent gyno. Just pay attention and dont let things get out of control.


Also, if you have resaerch chemicals you have to be sure your stuff is legit, or this could turn out poorly.


Great thanks for your imput! How do you tell if its legit? I go through innovative peptides, are you familiar with them?


By whether it works or not. Thats the problem with research chemicals.


I see, what is your approach when it comes to finding legit SERMS and AI's?


"Word of mouth." You need a more dependable information resource than the internet. For example: a real world counterpart.

BTW - I've never heard of innovative peptides.(but that doesn't mean they aren't legit)