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Gyno or Just Fat?

Here is a picture of my friend. Sorry about the butterflies but had to cover his face with something right? Anyway… He’s realised how horribly out of shape he is and wants to do something about it. The other day he asked me how he can get rid of his man boobs. I prescribed proper diet and cardio along with heavy chest work… However he is also a heavy pot smoker. Could elevated estrogen be playing a part in his over developed chest… If so would a SERM or AI be advisable. (he’s coming straight off the weed)

I realise the chances are its his poor lifestyle that has caused them and there are no estrogenic factors at play.

Tell me what you think…

Drugs should be the last resort.

“heavy chest work” will have no impact. A well balanced routine is proper.

The heavy chest work was to make it less apparent…

X2 with BONEZ

To address the question of the title of the thread, the only way to tell if it is gynecomastia and not pseudo-gynecomastia is by examining the area around the nipple, feeling for mammary tissue. It will feel noticeably different than fat, often described as a hard lump under the nipple.