Gyno or Just Fat?

It has been a bumpy road this past year. The fine tuning and tweaking can be a sea-saw. I am doing .5 of ADX every 3 days, 100 mg of T broken up to every 3 days, and 250 ius of Hcg every 3 days. Injections are sub-q. Most all of my numbers are spot on except the E. I tend to run LOW numbers; 10. At the moment I have painful and kind of swollen moobs. My wife says I have moobs. My E is down and we are trying to get it back up.

Question, I’m assuming my BF is just high. Am I missing something else. My intent to get on TRT was not to be super fit, I jut want to be functioanl so I can live life. My diet is whatever I want it to be. No, I am not an eater and don’t crave sweats. 5’ 10", 195#'s, BF around low to mid 20’s.

Oh, and my MD is spot on! However, he did not seem to be too concerned and wants to up my T dose to 120 a week. I am not bashing my guy or even questioning his protocol. I am just curious to see what all of you think.

have you tested your other systems to see if they may be contributing to your problems?

like THyroid, Cortisol, ferritin, D25-OH, B12, etc?

what were your last blood tests results? did you run the Estradiol sensitive or ultrasensitive?

Don’t recall what specifically was tested. I am sure my guy tested the correct E. He IZ resected in the community. On D3, B12, and some others from a hypoxic event. Im kind of thinking I’m just a fat ass. Clean my diet up and ge back to the pumpatorium.

Weird deal. Low E, but moobs. Has to be fat, yeah?