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Gyno or Just a Fat Ass?

I have used aas in the past. Just curious if this fold on my man tit is fat or gyno? Yes I have used aas and yes I improperly pct’d last year. I have been using letrozole protocol for 6 days now.

Just looks like fat from that angle

[quote]eatliftsleep wrote:
Just looks like fat from that angle[/quote]

Thank you for your input. I figured it was just fat but I remember having a flair up a few months after my last cycle because I just used an AI for pct like an idiot. I just got concerned because my nipple on this side of my chest is lower than the right and there is more fat or what I believe is fat on this side.

I guess as the weeks progress and I lose more bf we will eventually see if there is any gyno at all.

Yes if its there it will be more evident the leaner you are.