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Gyno or Fat?

Hey guys. I was wondering whether I might have gyno or not. I have a decent amount of fat on me and fat in my chest area. My nipples do appear a bit puffy but im not sure if its fat or gyno. Ive done 3 cycles of methal masterdrol as well as 3-4 other products. Ive used pct with all of them though I used some of them at a young age. The only thing that makes me think that it might be fat is that im a bit over weight and could loose a decent amount and my nipples dont itch.

They do hurt if I take one finger and push deep into the nipple. It doesnt bother me if anything pushes up against them but it does if one finger is pushed hard into the center. I was thinking I might hit it with nolva and letro debating on what you think it is. I appreciate your feed back on what you think it is and how to control it. Thanks.

Id worry more about losing the fat first and nailing down what it is prior to any use of anything else.

Nolva wont to a thing for already formed gyno, letro has been shown to help in some cases.

Everyones nipples hurt if i stick my finger right into it.

My eyes do too, and my balls… so am i going blind and losing my balls?

I think you’ll be fine - however using those supplements you get all the negatives from steroids and none of the positives! lol@you!

Honestly, more people get gyno etc from that shit because as a rule those people dont know how to use these supplements safely where MOST steroid users do - so do not suffer the high incidence of sides.

Most, not all.


Thanks guys. Im gona work on cutting down a bit and ill let you know how that works.

well I dont mean to sound harsh mate but the fatter a man is the more female they are inside. there wil be alot of estrogen kicking about in ur system even if u didnt consume gear bud. U shld be using an anti estrogen thru out ur course and then clomid for afterwards even this doesnt stop estrogen aromatizing it wil cut down on water holdage n control it a bit better.

I wld maybe concentrate on losing a few pounds (depending on ur objectives that is) but thats imo mate. Ul prob find that the swelling in the mamory gland etc wil go when ur body fat % decreases. U might even want to consider arimidex, but Id read up before using it. Try avoid as much saturated fats and simple sugars if poss bud, do u know what genetic make up u are? ie ectomorph, endomorph or mesomorph?

im not that much over weight. im talking like 15 pounds. im 203 pounds at 5"10. i just need to loose extra weight and it looks like its working. ive also been taking more zinc and zma cause ive heard that a lack of zinc could cause gyno like symptoms and i havent been taking a multi for the last few years so ive traced it back to that and it seems to be helping a bit so far.

Take 100mg zinc ED for a week then carry on with 50mg. Zinc does reduce T–E conversion.

Gyno and fat can just be degrees of an estrogen problem. Get tested and take action if, as expected, your serum E2 is not in the twenties, lower 20s preferred [0-53 pg/ml].