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Gyno or Fat on Nipple Region? (Pics Included)

never taken steroids yet. just wondering before i start my cycle ( test cyp 250mg a week)

and if its fat i would think before my cycle i should loose 5-10 pounds and work on declind dumbells and flys?

is this gyno possibly? or just fat under my nipple?
theres no hard lumps or bumps on my nipple anywhere.

Im not fat either very strong 6’3 220lbs and bench about 405.

here are some pics:

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pics aren’t viewable for me, maybe it’s my computer or maybe you did something wrong

I think if you right click and open in new tab it will pop up for you

Looks like gyno to me, go to a Doc!!!

Yeah that looks like gyno. I would say try to drop your BF% a bit before you get on cycle as well.

I would say gyno as well. Assuming you are in the U.S. If you have insurance you should be able to get them to cover it as long as you tell them it’s causing you pain, such as when you are trying to sleep you can’t lay on your chest, they are sore all the time, etc… stuff like that, otherwise they will consider it cosmetic and most insurances won’t cover cosmetic procedures.

The procedure is pretty quick and easy, very little down time, just find a good doctor to do it. Just to clarify, I have not had the surgery done nor do I need to but I have read up on it a little bit.

Gyno, absolutely. Letro won’t do shit for pubertal gyno (no science to back this up, just lots of anecdotal reports) so it’d have to be a cut and shut job, I think.

Good luck! Report back to how it worked out for you.

Thank you guys for the input ill go talk to a doc soon and see what he has to say about it and post back.

Also should i considor doing a cycle at this point or would it have a possibilty of making things worse?

Postpone the cycle until you have gotten the gyno taken care of.