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Gyno or don't know what the fuck it is


I don't know what the fuck is going on with my tits. Got 2 big ass masses on each tit above the aerola. Had this shit for about 4 months, the lumps are painless. Had a ultrasound one side was black and the other was clear, I dont know what the fuck is going on. Does gyno come up on a ultrasound? Just recently some freaky shit happen on where the side was black on, my areola on that side goes inward while cold. Shit looks like something out of fucking unsolved mysteries, but when the shit gets warm it pops back out, I seriously have some freaky ass tits, they both swollen,discoloration, found more lumps on the side that was black. The fucking nipple is slanted just some weird ass shit.These masses are fucking huge to on top of the areola.I see a oncologist to check he said If I have cancer. What the fuck a male having breast cancer? Someone email me about this shit.


I counted - 6 "fucks"
- 6 "shits"
- 3 "ass"


Make that 7 "fucks" including the title.


It doesn't sound like gyno. Were you using any sort of aromatizable steroids?


Obviously you're headed in the right direction when going to see an oncologist. I was diagnosed with gynocomastia over a year ago. It was not like anything you are describing. It started out as an itching sensation under my nipples. I then noticed the swelling as I was putting on a t-shirt in the morning. I saw an oncologist, an internal medicine doctor and a breast specialist just to make sure. I had 2 mammograms and 2 ultra-sounds. Everyone agreed it was gyno. I just saw Dr. Nadler. He quoted me a price of $7,600. Ouch! Oh yeah, health insurance won't cover it because they consider it to be cosmetic. Looks like I'll have tits until next year. Good luck.


Male breast cancer is a lot more common than known because we don't talk about it due to some macho thing in our egos. You're taking the right steps. Good luck.