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Gyno on Test/Deca Cycle. Help?

Hey all, new poster here.

This is my 3rd cycle. Haven’t done one for almost 2 years.

Every cycle has been test c and deca.

This cycle I upped the test c to 700mg per week in 2 350mg pin. Doing 400mg deca per week in 2 200mg pins.

I’ve got arimidex and have been running that at 0.5mg E3D. Also, taking 400mg ED B6 hydrochloride pyrodoxine for prolactin,

Plan was to run a 16 week cycle.

Weeks 1-14 test and deca
Weeks 15-16 test at lower doses

Weeks 18-20 PCT w/Nolva and Clomid

In the past I’ve never had any issues or even concerns with Gyno. At the beginning of week 7 (this past Monday) I started to get a bit sore on the right nipple. Nothing on the left. There is no puffyness at all. However, when I feel on the nipple there is a small probably pea sized lump. It’s not at the center of my nipple and it’s not concentric or coming out from the nipple symmetrically and what not. It’s located more at the top.

I’ve done a bunch of reading and it seems that some people have success continuing their arimidex and doing some Nolva when they get gyno.

I started taking 40mg Nolva per day on Monday and was going to do that for 1 week. Was going to drop to 20mg per day and do that for another 2 weeks all while continuing my AI but start 0.5mg arimidex ED.

I did order some raloxifene as I’ve seen that is much better than Nolva for this.

Biggest questions are -

1- am I good doing that arimidex and nolva plan I noted?
2- should I used arimidex and raloxifene when it comes?
3- is it just best to say fuck it and come off the gear now and then begin the planned PCT
4- continuing the cycle but dropping to 500mg test c per week and only 300mg deca per week AND taking the arimidex at 0.5mg ED with the raloxifene

Obviously I really don’t want to stop the cycle; however, shit happens I guess.

Please hit me with some of your expertise dudes.

Using the nolva and adex concurrently should help. Once the ralox arrives obviously switch to that. Otherwise there’s not much else you can do. If it gets worse despite treatment then yes, dropping the cycle would be prudent. But if you can control it and eventually eliminate it with those two SERMs then that’s probably the best outcome.

Cool - thanks man.

Do you think the 0.5mg arimidex ED and 40mg Nolva ED for 1 week followed by 20mg Nolva ED for 2 weeks sounds good?

Also, I’ve seen a lot on dosages of raloxifene. One of the more common I think I’ve seen is like 60mg ED for no more than 10 days and then 30mg ED - does that sound right?

I’m definitely going to cut test to 500mg per week and deca to 300mg though too.

I’ve got bloods appt on the 6th of January as well.

This sounds like overkill, personally. I don’t see the point of taking both together in such high doses for a pea size new growth.

Try 20mg Nolva for a few weeks, keep the AI at twice weekly after your shots.

You could get labwork to see where everything is at

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I’ve got full bloods on the 6th. Test, estrogen, lipid panel ldl hdl, prolactin, LH.

I guess I’m just worried a lot. Don’t want shit permanent and after having done 2 cycles exactly the same shit with the exception of upping test this time its getting to me.

This is curious to me, in general. I’ve had the same experience; I did test 750mg weekly once, zero AI, no issues at all. Recently did 360mg test only and felt like garbage most of the time. Spent 5 weeks just trying to figure it out, got labwork, still not sure why I didn’t respond well.

I guess even the same hormones can affect us differently depending on other factors and circumstances. Maybe no two cycles are really the same?