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Gyno on Cycle. Letro After PCT?

Hi guys,

Running anadrol and test e cycle.
Now finished anadrol but noticed I have slight swollen breast tissue. No lumps.

I’ve started taking Arimidex 1mg daily til I notice it settles down then will half the dose.

If I keep taking Arimidex will it go back down? Bare in mind there aren’t any lumps.

Or will I have to run some letro after my pct?

Pct is nolva, clomid and HCG

My understanding is the gyno that comes from anadrol is not estrogen related so arimidex will have no effect and even if it did that’s wayyyy to much arimidex your about to make the rest of your cycle miserable if you take that dose for much longer.

Look into ralox or letro for reversing the gyno.

Also look into caber and prami in the future when using compounds that affect progesterone and prolactin.

This will end in tears. You should not just start throwing drugs at the problem without having an understanding of what you’re doing.

Thanks for reply.

Anadrol is finished now. After more research I’ve concluded it’s actually pseudo Gynecomastia. I don’t want to touch letro unless I really have too. What would you recommend Arimidex dosage while on cycle? Thanks

It’s a constant battle of what people say. Hear so many different things it’s hard. What dose would you recommend of adex while in cycle?

What dose of adex would you say to go for? Bare in mind anadrol is now off the cycle.

Hard to answer that. If you’re on 500mg of test maybe you need .5mg of adex split twice a week. Or maybe you need double that. Or none. Everyone responds to both testosterone and their respective AIs differently. You have to dial it in and feel your way around. My advice is always start lower and only go up if you need to. That’s prudent risk management in these situations.

in my cycle i have started with standart 0.25mg arimidex EOD since the first injection

even with that i have had 60 E2 meanwhile max normal range was 40

i have never fully crashed my E2 even with 0.25m arimidex everyday however it caused some increased joint creaking

currently i am taking as how i feel, around total 1mg per 5 or 6 days