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Gyno: Non-Surgical Reduction

I’ve had gyno since puberty and as a result, while the rest of my body looks great by itself, my puffy protruding nipples ruin my entire appearance. I’m going to talk to a plastic surgeon soon to see what he/she thinks, but first I’d like to exhaust every other option.

So, has anyone had success with any nutritional/supplemental/drug usage to reduce gyno? I’m thinking about using M, ZMA, Yohimburn (topical), NYC, (norephedrine, yohimbine, caffiene) and some prescription anti-e’s if i could get my hands on them.

BTW, I’m 18 years old, 5’8, 170, and have 3 solid years of training experience.

Well, M really wasn’t designed to reverse gyno, once it’s already present. M is meant to keep estrogen levels in check and optimize your hormonal profile. It’s purpose is to be used beforehand, and when used correctly, for the right purposes, works great.

But, it would likely help keep your estrogen levels down and from causing any further damage.

Also, I’m not really sure what your expectations are with the ZMA. Again, it’s not designed or intented to reverse gyno. I’d familiarize yourself with it by reading the product thread.

The thermogenics you listed won’t help with actual gyno either. They might help you loose some fat, and thus the area might look better, but it won’t actually do anything for the gyno.

If it truly is gyno, your best bet is to have the surgery; especially since you’ve had it for some time now. I know it’s not what you want to hear, but I’m not even sure prescription drugs will help out after this long (but I’ll let those more versed in that address it).

However, if you just store fat there (ie there’s no lump present), then proper dieting and training, with the possible aid of a thermogenic, would help.

From what I’ve heard if the gyno has “settled” and hardened you can’t get rid of it with supps or drugs. I’m not saying that is 100% true, and a doctor could help you better, but thats what I have heard.

Some people have gotten results (you can’t count on it, but worth a try) with the stuff I recommended for PCT in the superdrol thread.