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Gyno Lump, Simple Question.


I've been taking .5mg adex ED since i noticed it (about a week ago). I can't get letro until next week. Once it comes in, should i continue the adex for a few days? Also, should i only run the letro until the lump is gone then back to adex, or just stay on? Sorry for the ignorance. This came about on week 8 of a 10 week test c/dbol cycle.


You should have been using the Arimidex throughout the cycle. Upping the Arimidex dose should take care of it. I would at least drop the Dianabol as well, and consider dropping the Testosterone.


Sorry, i should have elaborated more. I was taking adex .25 eod. Felt fine, no symptoms whatsoever. Just had a slight pain one day and poof, a lump.

I took dbol for the first 4 weeks only, along with 500mg of test EW. I'm now wrapping up on my 9th week.


I would have dropped the Testosterone as soon as I noticed the lump...so, I would suggest you do that now. Up the Arimidex to 1mg per day. If that doesn't take care of it, you can try the Letrozole. There is no need to use the Arimidex and Letrozole concurrently.


And once you recover flirt with lower dose test/higher dose adex or maybe letrozole instead.

BTW - 0.25mg EOD is a minute dose and this wouldn't have worked on your cycle for the vast majority of users. Only AI over-responders would use this dose. For 600mg/wk i would be using 0.5mg ED and when the dbol is added I personally would be using ~0.7mg ED.

You have only upped your dose to what you should likely have been running anyway - so i advise you to up it to 1mg ED for a week and reduce by 0.25mg E3D until you hit 0.5mg ED (IF you continue the Test - if not then increase to 1mg for a week then drop to 0.25mg ED for another week, then PCT).



Thanks guys.

I have one week left, so i'm just going to finish it out. For a first cycle, its been a very good experience less the gyno. Now i know for next time, more AI. Thanks again.


I've kept running test through gyno lumps while upping my AI enough to get everything under control/back to "normal," and I have had no problem with this. I'm not saying to take this as advice, per se, but I, personally, am reluctant to pull the plug on my entire cycle over a gyno flare up.

I have consistently had the lumps shrink down after upping AI dosage, and then shrink further back to what they originally were during PCT.


Me too - but you and i and others are experienced in dealing with the issue. I remember when i FIRST got Gyno, it scared me so much (i had no access to the net, as after chatting to girls i'd meet online - on the home phone, my mother cut us off... WITH SCISSORS! lol)) i absolutely stopped the cycle and started with Tamoxifen.

In those days, arimidex wasn't available to me at a price that was affordable (think HGH from cadavers - it was about as accessable as that shit!) :wink:


Definitely me too.

I can remember that on my first cycle I forgot one time to swab the top of the stopper of my vial of test and I ended up getting so freaked out that I threw away what was most likely 4 solid mls of perfectly good test because I was concerned about contamination.

And yes, the first time I got a gyno flare up was a BIG deal. Now, I kind of go by Pris' motto (while OBVIOUSLY covering all of my bases with the proper ancillaries) : If you aint got gyno, you aint growin!


LMAO! Love that! Thats funny...!