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Gyno, Low Libido Help


Sorry if I come off as a amature. I have been trying to research and read posts but I am still just as lost as when I started.

I have not ever had a source for all the gear that is talked about in this forum. I have been lifting daily for 9 or 10 years and started getting stuff from my local supplement shop. The last cycle I was on I was told it was winstrol as I wanted to lean up a little while keeping my mass. Of course the guy sounded knowledgeable and he told me to take a estrogen blocker with it that he sold me.

I now have gyno, I do not personally feel a large lump but when I squeeze I do get a fluid which is high prolactin levels? My sex drive is also completely gone.

I would like to fix both even if it means feeling like shit for a while. I have read about letro on here. I also have nolva which I bought from agguys.

To be honest I do not even know where to get my blood levels checked. Do I go to a low T center or what type of DR? I do not have insurance so I want to make sure I pick someone decent as I have screwed myself up enough.