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Gyno- Letrozole Recommendation


I went ahead and tried this product called natren hgx (essentially daa and some other crap) that my friend loved and got a 2 for one deal and it gave me gyno on left nipple. Never had this experience with daa or ph's in the old days. Anyway i started letro and tapered to 2.5 mg a day.

My question is what to you guys think about just dropping to .25 for 7 days (because of half lives) instead of going 2.5 2.0 1.5 1.0 .5 .25 .25 .25 .25 .25 .25 then following with pes erase and 10 mg tamoxifen 5 days. I could save quite a bit of letro doing that.




I've never has to use letro for gyno but I assume tapering off is to prevent a rebound from occurring and the gyno coming back


I know that but if I dropped down to .25 i dont think estrogen could rebound if .25 stayed steady for a while


Its not a PH, its herbal crap, it didnt give you gyno.


Definitely gave me gyno. Prolactin related I'm sure. Always been sensitive to prolactin increases. My level is always between 10-40 on a scale of 0-18.


Perhaps the most confident ignorant reply I've ever seen.


You don't have gyno. It legitimately is just 'herbal crap'