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Gyno...Letro...PCT.. HELP


I just finished up an 8 week cycle of Tren ace (50mg ED) and Test Prop (80mg ED) and during my 7th week my nipples began to become sensitive. I immediately started to take nolvadex at 20 mg per day. I stayed with the nolvadex for about 3 days but my nipples still hurt so I added in some Aromasin at 25 md ED and the pain and tenderness went away. The problem is that I developed a little lump and now my nipple sags when not hard. I had some pre-existing gyno from a previous cycle yrs ago and now its worse on my left side. I ordered some letro. My question is do you think the Letro can kill the lump following the gyno reversal protocol? What about taking the letro during my pct? Can I take letro and nolva together or only letro and clomid?


i’d look into raloxifene if you want to get rid of the gyno, in addition to the Aromasin.

it’s pretty late in the cycle to add in letro, as it takes a while to build up to stable levels…


Were you using an AI during the cycle?