Gyno Issues: Adex, Test, and Deca


I’m struggling a bit with gyno. Left nipple sore, very sensitive and has a lump.

A breif history -
36 years old, and not new to cycles.
I’ve not been on for over a year and last cycle was dbol, test deca I got the start of gyno last year but for different reasons had to come off cycle.

Previously run test / deca, in high doses
Test / tren in moderate doses
And had little issues but did towards the end of the cycles start to get sore nipples and used adex as nolva caused me to be a bit lethargic

Now onto this cycle.

Started off
test e - 200mg twice a week (sat and wed)
Deca - 100mg twice a week

I find half deca to test ratio works pretty well, and to be honest i wanted to try keep the dosages pretty low whilst getting some results, plus the deca has absolutely helped tennis elbow pain.

Now, I started getting the gyno symptoms about a week after first jab, which I know is unusual but similar happened last cycle too. I did just put it down to dbol last time however I must be susceptible to gyno or high e2

I’m only 4 weeks in and although it’s uncomfortable it’s not the end of the world.

I had introduced tamoxifen 20mg each day but it wasn’t really doing much and as before that I was better with adex plus stupidly didn’t have any on hand.

Managed to get the adex and after taking 0.5mg the sides have subsided pretty fast but they seem to resurface after about a day. So I started 0.5 mg adex EOD and carried on with tamoxifen on the days not on adex. Not sure if this is ok or not as I’m under the impression the adex reduces the e2 where as tamoxifen inhibits the aromatisation at the various sites arounf the body. - happy to stand corrected.

I’ve also noticed the deca working and decided to Up the dose to 600 test e and 300 deca again split doses on sat and wed.

I’m awaiting blood results back but I could do with a bit of help if possible as it’s literally getting on my tits lol.

Training is getting better, results are getting better, diets good and generally feel great. But this little issue is doing my head in.

I don’t want to crash my e2 as I did that once and it was a whole shit storm. But I need to try dial in the AI / SERM thing asap. Planning on running 12 weeks in total , so really wanna see that through, however not at the expense of causing myself a load of unnecessary suffering.

When I get results back, are we looking for e2 to be within normal ranges or elevated due to test increase and therefore in proportion.

I’ll post results when they are back but any assistance right now would be greatful.!


sorry this is happening to you. hope you find a resolution.