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Gyno In One Nipple

Im seven weeks into my cycle deca 350wk and test 600wk. Ive been using a-dex .25 a day. My right nipple is puffy and hurts. So im bumping my a-dex to .5mg a day. Do you guys think i should use some letro for a little while then maybe throw in some nolvadex.

Just use the letro to get the puffiness and pain gone. The nolva and the a-dex to control the estogen for the remainder of the cycle. Also why would only one nipple be affected?

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Well partner i got it in the right to,so don’t feel bad.

Id personally just keep the adex bumped until the symptoms go away.

Well ive bumped the a-dex to .5mg a day. Im not going to take any less than that for the remainder of the cycle and all future cycles. Ive also bumped my vitamin b-6 to 300mg a day. Im sure that this is not progesterone related though.

Im taking the letro 2.5mg a day until the pain and puffiness go away and then ill taper off of it. Im thinking about taking nolva once im off of the letro. With the nolva and a-dex combined my gyno should go away. If this dont work ill start saving and get my right nipple surgically repaired. My left nipple is just fine. So ill get a 50% off discount maybe.

This is my third day using the a-dex at .5mg and the letro at 2.5mg. The puffiness is gone and the pain also. Actually my nipples have also been hard more often wich makes them look great. Im going to start tapering down on the letro. Does anyone think that i should use nolva and the a-dex for the remainder of cycle? Or just run letro at small dose?

Any one with any experience on this? Im pretty much just winging it on trial and error.

Well I think you overkilled it literally with the letro and the dex at the same time. I’d forget the letro and just run the dex until you’re done.
Also for clarity, you ran dex at .25mgED from day one and still got this?

Im just one of the unlucky ones I guess so im going to keep the a-dex bumped and use nolva at 12mg a day also. Im hoping this wiil do the trick. I can only see the nolva helping. What do you think? And i guess that maybe before my next cycle just get the gyno surgery in my right nipple and be done with it. Im sure its gonna be expensive.

Now I’m confused. I thought your right nip was ok now. If not then yeah kill it with the letro. The problem with running adex and nolva concurrently is the adex will kill off some the nolva, so in a way you’re just wasting the nolva

No my right nip has a very small lump. Nothing major i just want to reverse if possible. Left nip is perfect. The letro got rid of the pain and most of the puffiness. Messed up my sex drive a little bit to. So the a-dex will kill the nolva. Maybe i should just use 25mg a day of nolva by itself and drop the a-dex. I wish that the a-dex wouldve worked for me. Ive ran four other cycles with only nolva. I just thought i would give a-dex a try.

Kill that very small lump now don’t wait. Put your sex drive on hold for a few days. Kill that lump with the letro

How much letro would you recommend using dose and length?