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Gyno Help


I'm rounding the 8th week of my cycle:
Deca 450mg/week
Test Enan 625mg/week
I also started with M1T 15mg/day for the first 3 weeks, to kinna kick start the cycle. I started noticing some tendernous just under/on my nipples, and they are were getting more sensitive to touch or when pushed. Also very small bumps/lumps started to form under the nipple.

I've been taking nolva 40/ED and letro 2.5mg/EOD and B-6 600mg/ED for 2 weeks now. but still no improvement. The bump under my right nipple seems to be getting bigger. not as much sensitivity as before though. any thoughts??


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stop taking it, that might help, just a guess though. lol


Your description is like a horrific nightmare for me. I know this has helped you in absolutely no way, but I hope that shit works out for you.



Hey Bro, no expert here, here's what I might do if I was in your shoes. You might bump your Nolva up to 80 mgs a day, get a hold of some cabergoline (Dostinex) since the progesterone/prolactin from the deca may be helping contribute to the problem. Stop the Test and Deca and run a DHT based compound, Winnie, Primo or Masteron. If you look around, there is a topical anti gyno formula out there that includes Adex/Letro/DHT that you apply with a roll on directly to your nipple region. I have never used it but the guys that have seem to swear by it.


Correction the anyi-gyno includes aromasin/letro and DHT


I had the same problem..
I ended up making a topical(transdermal)
anti-aromatase agent that got
rid of it.
I'll post latter since I need to run to work now.


Hey man, honestly, stay on the letro and nolva. When you stop the cycle and start pct the nipple lumps and tendernous should subside. I really wouldn't sweat it.


Your on the 8th week of this cycle, and you've only been using nolva/letro for 2 weeks? Another case of "nolva on-hand" gyno eh?

Hate to sound like a broken record here guys but...Nolva and Letro do not cure gyno, they are preventitive measures, and they only work when ingested. Having nolva in your cabinet does not prevent gyno.

Stop taking the roids and hope for the best...