Gyno Help

Hey guys. I’ve had some gyno from when I was in my teens not concerning steroids. Now I did 250 mg test ethanate and 60mg of anavar. Did proper pct. now I’m doing 500 mg of test and 50 mg of winny ed. I’m getting leaner but my gyno is looking bigger I’m taking 2.5 mg of letro every day and also have arimidex on hand.

Idk what to do because I know letro is the strongest thing I could use. I’m getting pretty lean but at times my nips do look really puffy. I do have lumps as well please let me know if there’s anything I could do maybe do some nolva and letro. Etc.

if anything’ll fix it, letro will.

If letro’s not working (it doesn’t always) then you can try adding nolva but it’s probably here to stay.

If you have gyno from when you were younger, then your only real option is surgery. Letro / AI’s will help kill off any gyno that is CURRENTLY FORMING. Not stuff that has been there for years.

What trucker said.

If your nipples are still getting puffy and the lumps are worse than off
Cycle then your letro is probably fake.