Gyno help

Ive had some gyno from a poorly done tren cycle a year back, and i wanted to get rid of the marble sized lumps behind my nips. Will running letro now be able to break down these lumps or is the only way im going to be able to get rid of this gyno is surgery???

try nolvadex

but surgery is the sure-fire way yes

i had some from a estrogen rebound after a cycle that caught me a year or so ago… i used 40mg nova and 2.5mg letro ED until it shrank to BB size.

this was advice from a vet i know…

Really?? Wow ima have to try that out because this gyno is annoying as eff. Thanks a ton man

try it for a week or 2… if no reduction at all… youre fucked.

When you did the nolva and letro was it right after you first got gyno or a significant time later??