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hi i did my first 250mg testo enanthate 2 days before,and today i am feeling a bit itch and a bit Tension to my right nipple
is it gyno???only in 2 days??

sounds more like internet induced gyno hysteria to me. Are you running an AI?

no my cycle is testo e e5d
and from monday dbol 30mg with proviron 50mg for estrog control
and i have nolva in hand
should i start nolva??
it the second day after my first injection

get an AI. I recommend either adex or aromasin.

I doubt very much you have gyno 2 days after a single shot, especially since you’re using a long ester. If you’re scared I suppose it wouldn’t kill you to take 40mg of nolva for a few days but I don’t think it’s necessary

Seriously you’re fine. if it’s still there in a few weeks take nolva but get that out your head and go lift some weights

and get an AI