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Gyno Help?

i already tried searching using terms such as gyno, gynecomastia, man tits, but i got no hits. i know i’ve read articles about it on here, so i guess the search might be down?

i just have one question. i’m around 15% bf, and i always thought i just had a fatty chest because i was around 20% bodyfat before. However, even with a 5% decrease in body fat, I haven’t seen the fat around my nipples decreased. Like, when I flex, my nipple and the area around it pooches out. I’ve been feeling it, and there is no irritation/hurting, but I can’t decide if it’s lumps or just fat.

I asked my doctor, but after a cursory glance, not even feeling my nipples, she dismissed it as fat.

I’ve also noticed that my nipple/the area around it is puffy when it’s hot, but smooth when it’s cold.

I’m probably just worrying about nothing, but i’m still just a teenager and this is wrecking havoc with my selfconfidence because they stick out of my shirt.
Could someone direct me in proper direction or tell me what they think?

Well since you are a teenage, have had a doctor look at it, and have a fat chest, it is most likely nothing. Just wait it out and it will most likely go away. If however it stays around for a couple of year, then you probably have it. As a teenager, there isn’t much sense in getting surgery for it because it will be out of pocket and might still go away. Does that answer suck? Yes it does, but maybe you are one of the lucky ones that has it go away.

If you want more info from T-Nation, go over to T-Cell Alpha forums and look up Prof X’s thread about it titled “You’ve got male…titties”. It is stickied so you cant miss it.

I got gyno when I was a teenager and now @ 23 I still have it. I know that when I’m at a very low body fat, and My diet and training is on point it seems to really go away.

But once I slip up and start gaining too much fat, it goes to my chest and starts to show the gyno more.

There are options like surgery, using hormonal type products. But I recommend getting lean, really lean, and then checkin your nips. you may just store fat there

i’m gonna go ask another doctor what he thinks and just try to get really lean i guess. Thanks alot for the info guys.

This sounds like it is just fat. Gyno is an actual hard lump under the nipple.

I have had it, so I consider my advice correct. There are some threads I have posted my story and pictures in.

Read the stickied thread in the T cell. There is good information in that thread.

It’s titled “youve got man boobs”