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Gyno Help Please!


Hey guys, first post here and really looking for some help. I've been on a cycle for about 5 weeks now 8 weeks of bold 200 at 800mg a day and last week i started 30mg of m-drol a day. I have been noticing my right nipple getting puffy and slightly squared instead of the usual flat circular pec form of my right. I have noticed this for about 2 weeks now, before the m-drol.

I have nolva on hand and not sure if i should start now and end this cycle? I haven't been noticing the what i think is gyno getting much worse, no sensitivity no bumps that i can feel behind the nipple. I have had gyno when i was a teenager and know the sensitivity bump feel and fortunately i did nothing to my peck


Right https://www.t-mobilepictures.com/myalbum/photos/photo12/5f/27/6ed7d4e7ed7d__1252876019000.jpeg


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Do I keep taking the ph's or do i stop? nolva 40/40/20/20


Try some food and heavy weight there shrimp I doubt u could even put up 200 on anylift why would u try some anabolics before u made any gains without it?


Excellent post.


Excellent screen name, too.

OP, you shouldn't have to stop your cycle, but it would provide further insurance that your gyno won't get any worse.

A proper AI used properly would have prevented this ever happening and you could save your nolva for post-cycle, when you should be using it.


Thanks for the advice guys, as far as food an heavyweight im at 194 lbs 16% bf and am 5'7 I originally started at 130lbs 16.5% bf so i have plenty of gains without the p'h and to be honest i have gained much more slowly while on it.


GET ON THE NOLVA!!!!!!!!!GET HCG...you should have started the anti-es as soon as you felt the nip!! lack of research there mate. :wink: all the best


I have started the nolva, 40/40/20/20 as far as pct what should i take since im already using the nolva, i have 6-oxo anything else? I really didn't plan to get gyno from bold 200 seems ridiculous to me...


oooooo.. that sux.


Whoa wait a minute. The pic up there is you, correct? You are saying you are 194 at 5'7? Do you not train your left arm? Or is that a pic from when you were 130?

Something is up here.


Yea my arms are only 16" most of my weight goes to my legs tbh it also doesnt help that the camera is a pos, heres a pic from when they were 15 and it actually looks much larger due to the camera http://i961.photobucket.com/...r12bot/01-1.jpg now http://i961.photobucket.com/albums/ae96/slayer12bot/49f1d4b2b4a2__1252922291000.jpg at the same time my bf is 16% so i have a lot of fat storage.


Definitely doesnt LOOK like you are at a level where you should be using PH's.. IMHO


Stop the PH use and stick with the Nolva


the 6oxo isn't gonna do shit...


I appreciate everyone's input but i am simply asking how to go about pct if i start taking nolva now with my current stack 3 weeks left, what should my pct look like?


"Bold-200" is a prohormone, too? These ph manufacturers usurping legitmate steroids' names gets fucking annoying after a while.


Yes iforce bold-200, any input on how the pct should look like? after i finish the ph cycle since i am already taking nolva?


How the fuck don't you know what kind of PCT you should be on? How are you injecting shit/taking pills into your body without KNOWING WHAT THE FUCK IS UP?

I don't think anyone in here who has questioned your gains or knowledge are being assholes. It's more a concern than anything. You aren't going to die, but you might end up being stuck with bitch tits.

You should know as soon as you even think gyno is coming to either stop cycle (if you're that concerned) or start your nolva. You should have been taking an AI to begin with.

So, yes, do 40/40/20/20, or start higher if you think your e2 is way high.

Have you been getting blood work done? Do you have any idea what you're doing? Do you know what steroids are?