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Gyno Gone Naturally?


Hey all, I'm into my 5th week of 500mg per week of Sust. About week 3 i started to get itchy and tender nipples so i ordered some Letro. Now into week 5 the itchiness and tenderness have seem to gone however nipples look slightly elongated and look like there a lot of fatty type tissue collecting around the (to be 100% it might be my mind playing tricks).

My question is, should I still undergo my planned Letro administration to be sure or just leave it to see if it flares up again?


Hey, I’m guessing you did not use adex during the cycle? I really don’t think it goes away by itself unless its caused during the use of anadrol.
I would personally hit the letrozole if you aren’t already on another aromatase inhibitor. Not sure about the dosage, someone with more knowledge will chime in.


Yea no adex, I know it doesn’t really disappear without any outside help, but since they’re not itchy etc anymore and don’t seem to be getting worse i was wondering if i should skip the letro since i heard it can have harsh sides, but might blast it for a week just to be safe.



there’s a billion reasons why you should be using an AI on cycle anyway. Letro is quite hard to dose, but it’ll work fine.

Adex would be a little easier in your situation.

In any case: use an AI.


ok cheers, one quick question, i have been reading about Letro, and Ive seen you should use Nolva after your Letro, and continue as per your planned PCT however i was going to be using Letro mid cycle so how long would i use the Nolva for?