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Gyno from Tren Cycle


I recently did a cycle of Tren and M14-ad in feb and I believe I have developed gyno from it. My nipples are sensitive but not producing and white liquid. I tried Clomid initially and that didnt seem to help. I then tried an AI with high dose of vitamin B6 for the prolactin also I am using formestane this has helped a little but they are still sensitive and it is bothersome. I was wondering what would be another alternative perhaps letrozole?


Are you talking about trenbolone or some POS pill with a random progestin as the active ingredient?


kilo sports tren it was effective but I did get gyno from it and was wondering what your take is on how I can reverse the gyno


Sorry can't help. I don't know enough about either product you've used.


hmmm alright


I would try to get a hold of some cabergoline. Run it perhaps 1-2mg a week until the problem is cleared up. If the gyno is prolactin related this should work.


I appreciate the response. It is prolactin related, I wasnt aware of how how pricey that stuff is. Also when I run it should I taper it or how should it be dosed?


I have to assume you didn't realize this wasn't actually trenbolone before putting this junk in your body.

Either that, or you knew but tried to trick us into believe you were running legit trenbolone.


I knew it wasnt trenbolong and admit it wasnt the smartest decision to put it in my body but, I dont wanna turn to pinning and I figured it was a good way to gain mass obviously I was wrong.


is there any other serm that I can use to clear it up aside from caber? such as nolva or letro? Or will that be my best route.


letro is an AI.

nolva will help with estrogen related issues only.

Yours is prolactin.

This is why the tren PH's suck, they are such bullshit compounds, a drunk 6 year old with down syndrome could design a better drug.

Caber is the tried and true option, the only other I would look into is on that BBB has spoke about and made a thread for.


Here is that thread.


I am going to give Caber a shot. How should it be dosed I know it is strong so how should it be dosed


I am using Segeliline WC, and i find it very pleasant in its mood lifting effects - it is a drug i will use again thats for sure.. but i am not sold on its secondary lowering of prolactin. Even at 5mg/day it lifts libido but only mildly.

I will give it more time before having a final opinion however.

I would NOT be using Caber or any DA for gyno. If you have had prolactin increased - too bad but you wouldn't have Gyno (or for what its worth Lactation) without estrogen. I would be using an AI first and foremost.



Indeed, he needs an AI as well, but I believe he stated he was on one already.

Perhaps he should stick with the more proven caber in this case then.


I never thought of that fact. Perhaps they are just very tender I guess. What in your opinion is a good AI too run I don't feel like wasting money id rather go with what works and works good!


What do you mean - 'perhaps they are very tender' No-one was suggesting it wasn't gyno.

Are you under the impression that gyno resulting from increases Estrogen and Prolactin is different?


Seriously, instead of taking possibly dangerous drugs with just guessing, get a bloodtest done and KNOW what's wrong before treating it.


This place is full of gurus, I tell ya.