Gyno from SARMs Cycle? (Pics Included)

Anyone else get gyno from sarms?

Fuck bro same thing happened to me running an osta and s4 cycle. Seems to be a common thing with sarms… lol so much for no estrogen sides.

But if possible try to clear it up with nolva first, but if you have to use letro for a week to be safe rather than sorry.

Should probably learn to eat and train.


I’ve been eating and training properly for 6 years…

Your physique says different




Hahahahhaha wow. Just wow. The people who think they look jacked and “know” how to train.

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Did i say I look jacked? No. I know how to train and eat. I’ve been able to
gain 35 pounds and add 100 pounds to my bench press, so I’m definitely
doing a lot right with the help of a trainer. You are pathetic for
attempting to put a person down when they ask for help


I’m not putting you down for asking for help. I’m simply saying by looking at your pictures you should stay away from juice of any kind because you a) aren’t truly that lean and b) have nowhere near enough size to even dabble with gear. You claim to have your training and diet in order but to me you aren’t anywhere near juice ready.

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I would agree, and understand most folks here aren’t putting you down but giving you very solid advice. There was a great article on the main site about taking AAS and I don’t think it’s a stretch to put SARMS in that bucket.

OP, what are your doses of each compound? If you have never run an anabolic of any kind and are jumping in on high doses of all those compounds you clearly have not done enough research. There are ways to stack some of these but you are throwing all of them together. Also, taking anything orally and getting drunk (let’s not even touch the whole test dose while drunk thing) is just a bad idea.

SARMs, when taken properly and with precaution should not bring about gyno of any kind. It’s possible some of these might be mild prohormones if not sourced from a reliable company with clean lab conditions. My advice would be to get off all these compounds, get on a PCT, Armistage PCT 50 at bare minimum and dial in your diet and training.

Agreed. Also the idea of you using .5 mg of an extremely potent anti aromatase on the suspicion of increased estrogen shows you don’t know what the hell youre doing.

It’s a sarm cycle

It’s not a well researched SARM cycle. I agree SARMs are not quite juice but they are strong compounds that need to be intelligently planned and researched.

If you are getting gyno 3 weeks in I suspect you may not have actual SARMs but again I wouldn’t be running LGD, S4, MK and RAD all at the same time and drinking while taking compounds to get ready for a show or meet (not sure what your competition is).

I got the sarms for free. It wasn’t gyno just a little sensitivity.

I’m gonna start test prop tomorrow for 6 weeks. 50mg ED for steady blood levels. .75 mg of Adex EOD

clomid 50/50/25/25
nolva 40/20/20/20
aromasin 12.5 mg eod
mk-2866 25 mg day
gw-501516 20 mg day

OP, I’m not here to bust your balls, but take some advice from an old guy who’s done everything stupid and learned from it. Your training age is way to young to consider doing these things. Dont get pissy, but I forgot more shit than you think you know about training, diet and using prohormones, test, tren, etc. Essentially, you’re not training hard enough.
Once you’re done with the gyno (and believe me it’s a pain in the ass), drop a little fat and if you need more size bulk slowly. You’re young enough to make some quality gains without having titties from some garbage phs.

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Thanks for ur concern man. Im training under the guidance of a personal trainer. Excited to see the results

He suggested you use this??

Yes I’m using it under his guidance.

Im getting ready for an amateur competition.

And to be honest that’s not that bad man.