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Gyno from Ostarine

So I’m new here but just wanted to post my experience with Ostarine and get some advice. I’m 21 and took ostarine at 30mg a day for about a week and a half before noticing signs of gyno.

My nipples started to become really sensitive and I could feel lumps under both nipples growing day by day. This really freaked me out as it’s never happened in the past.

I was under the impression that this ostarine was legit, but I’m assuming that was not the case. Or I just had a terrible reaction which threw off my hormones. Anyway, I immediately got off the ostarine and for the past few days I’ve been taking 80mg of arimistane per day as an estrogen blocker. The gyno symptoms are still there and I’ve felt pretty bloated the past few days.

Does anyone have any experience/advice that could help me out? I’ve been through a ton of forums and it seems as if information on this stuff varies a lot.

The one thing that’s for sure is that you did not take Ostarine. Arimistane is the OTC AI, right? I don’t know that it works all that well, but if you have gyno you usually need a SERM to knock that out. Ralox is the go-to for such a case.

How would Nolva compare to ralox?

Nolva prevents gyno, but Ralox has a reputation for reversing it. It’s all anecdotal, however. If Nolva is what you can get then it’s certainly better than nothing.