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Gyno from deca

I’ve heard that Deca has progesterone like effects(in that it binds to and activates the Progesterone receptors), and this can cause gyno that Clomid and Nolvadex can’t touch…Can Deca cause this type of gyno???I’ve also read that taking winstrol will relieve the gyno symptoms and stop it from progressing any further,also read that ru-486 will do this…How much ru-486 would be affective?? - VooDooChile

Hows it going VooDoo? I just cant seem to get
away from you guys from meso! Just kidding.
So how about it. Anyone have an awnser? Bill?

RU-486 is a rather nasty drug. It’s too non-specific as an antiprogestin and strongly affects corticosteroid receptors
as well. Don’t even think about it. It’s
somewhat problematic even for brief use
let alone prolonged use.

The cases reported to me
where the stack was nothing but Deca and
Winstrol were quite satisfactory. I think
that once gyno is a problem you just need
to completely avoid aggravating it further,
meaning, no aromatizing steroids and no
progestagenic ones. I have never seen a
figure on how potent an antiprogestin
stanozolol is: just that it does bind to
the progesterone receptor (but isn’t a
progestin.) So whether, say, 50 mg/day
Winstrol is sufficient to fully counteract
the progestagenic effect of say 400 mg/week
Deca isn’t known to me. It probably only
partially blocks it. It does seem to balance
out 50 mg/day Anadrol quite nicely, but
again, it’s possible that it maybe just blocks
most of the (hypothesized) progestagenic effect but not all.

Thanks Bill…Hey THL,yes at times I am a board whore and get around…But sometimes I post questions here that I haven’t seen anywhere else and hope that B. Roberts answers it…VooDooChile