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Gyno From Andro

Is it possible to get gyno in one nipple my left one has been itching latley i do andro on and off for a while now but the nipple is also cut in half from the last time someone tried to kill me any thoughts

Andro/gyno, Answer Yes.

Comment itchy nipples in and of its self is not necessarily a sign of Gyno.

You say andro on and off, does that mean no PCT?

but can you get gyno in only one nipple

i was doing pct but about nine months ago i started doing that neverending cycle of MAG-10 2 pills twice a week no pct until i had problems in the last six weeks

what is itcy nipple a sign of estrogen

Also running Nolva

Pretty sure you can get it in only 1 nipple…whats up with people trying to kill you?

the area around your nipple will first get puffy, at least a little, before you get gyno. also, is their a lump yet?

no lump and since i started taking novadex xt it seems to have gone down its also no longer itching

these 2 kids stabbed me 10 times once in the chest so the nipple is cut in half there is thick scar tissue and alot of the lower pec muscle is gone

do you think i got it in time?

Christ dude stabbed 10 times thats insane!! Must be 1 tuff guy to survive that!

So the extra fat thats around the nipple, can that go away or do you have to take femara/letrozol to burn it out?

i dont know if there is extra fat i think it is just really thick scar tissue