Gyno Flare Up, Help?

Wanting some advice on controlling a gyno flare up 4.5 weeks into a test & deca cycle
450mg teat and 300mg of deca plus I did start the cycle with 4 weeks of anavar.
I’m gyno sensitive and had previous problems on most past cycles. Always run an AI and keep nolva on hand which previously when it’s flares up I’ve taken for 3-5 days and it’s settled it down and iv then stopped the nolva. Run deca before so not new to it but this time it doesn’t seam to be working!?
Nipples started to get tender so started taking the nolva at 20mg a day a week ago and if anything it’s only gotten worse? Iv been running aromasin at 12.5mg eod. Yesterday I upped the nolva to 40mg in hope that today it would start to feel a little better but nothing? Is it too early in the cycle for it to be prolactin related gyno? So therefor start some caber?
Pulling my hair out here

Prolactin induced gynocomastia is rare, and would likely be relation to induced up-regulation of ER within breast tissue induced by prolactin

I’m not giving medical advice, however if I had been in you’re situation I’d probably implement a SERM and discontinue use of supratherapetic dosages of aromatising androgens. Aside from the inherent cardiovascular risks of non-aromatising androgens (bigger hit to the lipid profile), if

This was the case, why the fuck would you decide to still use supra dosages of aromatising androgens. I’m not going to advocate other compounds or even AAS use (that’s a personal decision that is up to the individual, and the individual only to make), but if you were prone to gyno, drostanolone, methenolone, mesterolone, clostebol etc all exist…

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In the past when iv had a flare up iv run tamoxifen for a week and mayb upped the A-I for a few days and would settle and not flare up for the rest of the cycle or post pct so as iv been able to control it every cycle previous hence the confusion of not being able to settle it this time round

Well how’s you’re diet? BF percentage?

Break down you’re diet, supplementation routine and I can tell you if you’re potentially introducing variables of which may aggravate and/or induce gyno.

Diet is fairly controlled, not perfect by no means but same meals on a day to day basis up to my evening meal, super greens shake on waking with multi vits, cod liver oil, joint care etc turkey bacon or steak with eggs, and oats and peanut butter for breakfast which is when I take cel cycle support and Ai 3 meals are chicken and rice with Veg/ low sugar protein bar/chicken salad/ low sugar quark yoghurt, piece of fruit and protein/Creatine shake pre and post workout, evening meal is normally a protein source with normally potato and steamed veg.
Drink water continuously throughout day, do my best To limit processed foods/anything with added sugar etc Pinning Monday and Thursday
Body fat around 13%

Could also be due to hepatotoxicity from the Var affecting oestrogen clearance.


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