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Gyno Flare Up. Can You Use AI Alongside Tamoxifen?

Hi all,

On TRT dosage atm- I’m asking this on pharma as I don’t care about the Dr prescribed protocols as this is a rescue situation…

I was getting a Gyno flare and Tamoxifen wasn’t really stopping it. I was getting other high E2 sides alongside this.


I’ve added some anastrozole into my protocol- I’m being cautious with this at 1/4mg e2.5d to try and bring the e2 down (to he fair after the first dose I dropped a boat load of water and felt loads better)…

My question-

Can I use Tamoxifen alongside the a.i for a short while as I’ve still got itchy lumps?

Help me rescue this situation please!!!

I dont have recent bloods but my E2 has generally been running upper end of normal to just above.

I’m high SHBG though so free E2 may have been out of ratio with Free T!

Any experienced cycle users who’ve done gyno flare up rescue meds please help me out??

I’ve also ordered some p5p and going to start 100mg a day of that incase prolactin is playing a part!

Another question… I’ve been cutting for a few weeks before this started- is it possible fat cells hold e2 and as you burn them off your e2 temporarily goes high?


Short answer is yes, you can combine the two.

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I’m intreagued what the long answer is!

Yes you can use them together because they do different things that do not overlap. The SERM is going to block estrogen conversion only in breast tissue while the AI blocks conversion systemically. That’s still a short version of the longer and more boring answer about the different MOA of each.

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