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Gyno Dosing with Nolva and Adex

7 weeks into my 5th overall cycle of test E at 500 mg e/w and dbol kick start first 4 weeks at 30 mg ed. Was running adex at .50 eod while on dbol but dropped it down to .25 eod once I dropped it. Never had any issues with gyno before doing this exact cycle multiple times before but just today I think I can feel a small bb sized lump just above my right nipple.

I may be over reacting since I didn’t notice any other sides such as itchy or tender nipples. None the less I was wondering what the correct dosing procedure should be for possible gyno with the drugs I have on hand which is nova and adex? Tonight I added 40 mg of nolva and upped adex to .50 eod.

Does that sound like a good dosage? How long should I keep that dosage and the nolva in the mix? A lot of conflicting information abut this. I do not have any letro on hand.

Thanks cycobushmaster. I know you are very knowledgable in this department. I forgot to mention in my original post that I have been taking hcg at 500iu a week throughout.
Do you have any input on what I can do with my current compounds on hand Nolva, Adex, and hcg to try get it under control right away and if so how long to continue at that dosage?
My plan as of right now is to start Nolva at 20mg Ed. And up Adex to .50 eod from .25. Should I run that right into pct if that sounds reasonable?

i’d run Ralox on-cycle, and Nolva for PCT

Running 20mg Nolva Ed. And upped Adex to .5 Ed. Lump has subsided and can barely feel it. Hoping it clears entirely up here in the next couple of days and I will drop the Nolva and keep Adex up but not quite as high as current. Don’t want to crash my e levels too bad. Thinking .75-.5 eod. Have ran several cycles at .25 Adex eod with 500mg test with zero problems so not sure what triggered it this time. Thinking about ordering some letro to be safe.

I’ll see if I can get some ralox. Any advice on my current plan with the stuff I have on hand?

For some reason my body doesn’t agree with Adex. Infact I think I attribute relying on that for 2 months to my current gyno situation. I allowed my gyno to go way out of hand before treating it. I’m currently running 40mg Nolva with 25mg Aromasin Daily this will be week 2 and I’m just now starting to notice signs of lump reduction. If it’s working for you continue to run nolva at 20mg ED for a few weeks after the lump completely subsides. And taper back down your Adex to a comfortable dose.

Side note, Aromasin/Nolva or Aromasin/Rolox have been noted to do better work than Adex/Nolva if you can get your hands on Aromasin I personally find it to be a superior AI, and for me much easier to find my sweet spot

Thanks Ross. Aromasin will definitely get next time I order. I have a hard time with the Adex sweet spot as well. Plus it is terrible for lipid profiles. Is there a downside to running Nolva all the way into pct? For instance I am getting towards the end of my cycle.

I’ve used nolva and ralox for gyno and actually thought the nolva worked a little better. I wasn’t running the same cycle when I used them though so that might have been what caused that (dose was a little higher when I used ralox)