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Gyno Clarification


Basically all I want to ask is this.

If you run a cycle and you dont develop gyno (provided you use support items and PCT correctly). Does that mean you are in the clear as far as not having to worry about developing it again?

Or does the risk of getting gyno depend on the compound?.


The only thing you have established is that you could do the same thing, or milder, again and probably not get gyno under those same or milder circumstances.

You could not conclude that you might not get gyno with higher doses of drugs known to cause gyno, or with a different-acting drug.


I have known people that have done several prior cycles with no problems at all.
then one day out of the blue, BAM! Gyno
theres so many variables that you really do not know when or if you will get it,so IMO precautions should always be taken.

I myself have had a couple cycles under my belt same compounds and all and then all the sudden I get a mild case. so its all a game of chance in my book.


Yeah that is kind of what I was thinking also.