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Gyno Checkup


Tommorrow i goto the doctor for gyno. I complained to my parents...and although they are in denial and claim not to notice...i do clearly notice my nipples are puffy and so do my workout buddies...so its to the doc i go. What do you guys expect the outcome to be?

A)Prescribes me nolvadex or somethin which i would find highly unlikely since i just turned 18.
B)Schedules me for surgery
C)Tells me not to worry about and claim that it will go away and its strictly pubertal

Ill be pissed off with C...because gyno is really supposed to go away by the age of 17..and its only getting worse.


If it really is gyno, then it really sucks to be you. Been doing a little bit of vitamin T? Good luck.


I had naturally occuring gyno and had it surgically removed.

In retrospect, it wasnt really a bad case, its just that I was young and obsessed with bodybuilding at the time.

If you dont trust your parents opinion, after you get your checkup, get some of your non-lifting friends to give you their opinion. Cause sometimes when your in the "trenches" you lose perspective.

Good luck


So what happened at the docs?


First of all - you'll have to figure out what's causing it. When did it first occure, and was it in connection with any medication, steroids etc.?

You're still quite young, and could probably benefit from an anti-estrogen treatment (rebound xt from designer supplements or something like that). I would definately consider this before getting surgery.

Also, you are saying the gyno is getting worse. If this is the case, you're most likely in some sort of hormonal imbalance.
Your first priority should be to get your hormonal levels checked. If they are in balance, surgery may very well be a good choice. If not, surgery may be a major disappointment.

Good luck


I recently had a check up regarding my gyno. The doctor refered me to an endochronologist, who took lots of blood test to test for hormonal levels. After they found my testosterone and eostrogen levels were normal, I have been refered to a plastic surgeon, and I am waiting to hear from them, hopefully it should be sorted out by the summer.

I personally think my gyno is really bad, but my parents, like yours are saying that its nothing to worry about. I am 21 BTW, I thought that my gyno would go away after puberty but it never did, so I regret not going to the doctors earlier.


sorry to sound ignorant but what is gyno? big nipples? thanks.


It's when girly boobs burst out your manly chest.


No one is going to give this kid anti-estrogens to treat gyno that he already has naturally. 60% of the men in this country have some form of it so steroids aren't even the major cause of it. Fat is, along with a large possible influence from environmental estrogens. This topic has been discussed in detail before. Do a search.




What is not gyno:


Hey Prof,

The photos from the first link appear to have been moved.



Most docs are hesitant to give anything out hormone related, unless of course there one of those new aged quacks.

Im curious to know if he went to a general practioner or an actual endocrinologist. The GP isnt gonna know jack shit from shat, and his advise is useless. If the actual endo was hesistant on giving him anything, then there may be cause for alarm.

1st he should rule out any medical problem/tumors/anything serious. If that checked out ok, then he should look at his diet/training.

Kid, whats your BF%?

I dont see any reason why an 18 shouldn't be allowed to take an cycle of a natural anti estrogen like vitex if he diet/training are in order and he has a little gyno going on.


I was using my own site to post them and they were deleted last year. The links I provided further down should still show examples of it.


Anti-estrogens do not cure gyno. They help prevent it in those using exogenous testosterone.


Agree and disagree. While they aren't gonna completely cure it, a dose of anti's and a good diet and exercise program will help a little.

Either way, it will stop any further damage from being done.


They will not "help a little" and if diet alone can get rid of them, then this is obesity related gyno and not as much of a concern esthetically. Anti-estrogens will not get rid of gyno already present. That is what surgery is for.


With some lucky people, anti-e's do actually reduce already present gyno.

Taken from wikipedia:

"Anti-estrogen medications, such as tamoxifen and clomiphene or androgens can be used. Aromatase inhibitors are another treatment option, although they are not universally approved for the treatment of gynecomastia. Endocrinological attention may help during the first 2-3 years. After that window, however, the breast tissue tends to remain and harden, leaving surgery (either liposuction or reduction mammoplasty) the only treatment option."

What I meant to say in the last post, was that you should get your hormones in balance before doing surgery. If it's getting worse to this point, there is no guarantee that the gyno won't return post-op.

Btw, how many bodybuilders get their anti-e's prescribed by doctors?


Not many because most are dealing with gyno that is already present, not forming. Not only that, but giving them to a growing teenager purely for esthetic reasons won't occur too often, especially with the stigma of steroid use and hormone manipulation.

There is a rather large difference between a bodybuilder using exogenous testosterone who begins taking anti-estrogens at the onset of gyno and a teenager who has this as a result of puberty or even obesity. This kid is 18. There will be no anti-e's prescribed for it and most docs would more than likely give the advice to see if it resolves on its own as he continues growing.


Thanks eraser, its no suprise to me either. Ive read right here on tnation about a few people that have had their gyno reduced from just cutting weight and getting active.

Again, this kid needs to post and let us know who he went to(a doc or an edo, that makes the biggest difference in the world) and if blood work or not was done


Again, I disagree to totally take out the use of anti e's as an option. As eraser posted above, you have a short window of time to take natural action against gyno and avoid surgery. The whole wait and see method may take away an option. I dont see the harm in taking a natural anti e like vitex if his estrogen levels are all over the place. It may prevent a trip under the knife.

Either way, we all need to see some bloodwork.