Gyno But E2 Doesn't Appear Raised

Hi all,

Not sure what to do here- I’m 8 weeks into a protocol (currently doing 62.5mg e3d) Sustanon IM- thats 140mg per week approx.

I’m getting some definite signs of increased gyno- ive had surgery for this in the past and its one of the things that got me looking at TRT. There’s fat laying down on my chest and I can feel increased lumps- especially going up into the tail of the gland. Ive been trying to keep it at bay using Tamoxifen but it’s not seeming to be having an impact.

Recent bloods taken on morning of the shot showed

TT 31.8 (ref approx 5 to 26)
E2 126 ref males up to 191

Any insight into why this could be happening?

I feel pretty stable across the 3 days

Prolactin needs to be tested as it is usually a factor in gyno, DHT as well. If you were going to bother with surgery, then it would have been best to have the gland tissue removed.

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Yeah- Prolactin sprung to mind when I thought about this Ive been having weaker elections and difficulties climaxing so that would also point to this wouldn’t it?

Unfortunately those bloods were done by my GP under NHS- I’m going to do a private panel next round with SHBG, free T and Prolactin alongside the TT and E2.

For the meanwhile, is there anything natural I can do to get my prolactin down?

DHT isn’t available from any of the private firms I can see in the UK

They did remove the glands when it was done. It’s hard for then to get all of the glandular tissue and if there is still an underlying cause it can come back. Unfortunately thats what I’m experiencing.

I actually held the glands afterwards- supposedly a psychological help.

Gutted its coming back as TRT is definitely helping a lot of my symptoms.

How old are you? Body Composition? Do you work out?

I just do cardio. My main sport is Road cycling.

I’m currently at an estimate 15% bf. Most people would refer to me as a slim build but no-one would describe me as skinny.

I’ve got a fairly muscular frame from when I lifted in a previous life (10 years ago).

I’m 38.

I’ll be getting this new panel if bloods done in about 10 days.