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Gyno At 16 Years Old


I have had Gyno since I was about 13 I'am now 16 and still have it just as bad. Right now there is a hard lump under each nipple with about a 1 inch diameter. Now from what I have read if it is still there past the age of 18/19 and is not fat related then the only option is surgery.

Is there anything that I can do right now to increase my chances of it going away? I'am asuming that it is not safe for me to take anti-Es. Is there any drugs that would be safe or any diet modifications that I could make?


My brother thought he had a some gyno "action" under his nips. It's going away as he's leaning out (he's 23yrs old). It could be gyno in your case, if it becomes a problem where there is pain you can goto your doctor and get something for it, or get an "ok" for surgery and it will go down as a treatment (not something cosmetic). I'm almost 100% positive, maybe try asking your doctor at your anual check-up?


At your age do not I reapeat do not self medicate.

Discuss this with your doctor, it can be treated.

Most Gyno in your age group does go away if not there are many differant cause for it that need to be properly assessed I will let your doctor discuss that with you as I do not by any means want to frighten you.

My geuss is it will go away in time but most certainly needs to be addressed by your doctor.

If in the event it needs surgical correction while any invasive surgical procedure should be taken seriously this type of procedure can be done out patient meanning you will go home the same day after resting at the hospital.

Again because at this point you do not have a accurate diagnosis for why you have gyno.

And your inability to be able to monitor blood work hormone levels etc.

You do not need to even entertain taking any medication by yourself you can wind up in a world of trouble or make the situation worse.

I might also add as embarrassing as you may consider this I strongly urge you to speak to your parent and honestly tell them how concerened you are and how bad it makes you feel.

I am a father and beleive it or not we as parents Love you very much and will be more understanding than you may think. Plus because of your age you will need a Adult to Champion your cause anyway.

Heres a Tip you may need to be evaluated by an Endocrinaologist.

Good Luck and all the Best to you!


I'd assume I have something similar. I went to a doctor when I was 14 or so when it first appeared as just two hard lumps under my nipples. The doctor said it would go away in a year or 2 so I just kinda waited. Well, I'm 22 now and needless to say it hasn't gone away. It hasn't really affected me so I haven't gone back but I'm interested to hear what you find out and if anyone else has experienced anything similar just so that I know what to expect or what I should do.


I certainly don't have expertise on this issue. But, I do know that when I was around your age, I had the same thing. Tender bumps under my nipples which at times were extrememly sensitive. Goddamn purple nurples were torture, haha. Check it out with your doc and see if he thinks its normal.



I had it starting when I was 13 (naturally occuring, of course). It never went away on its own, and I finally had it surgically removed at 16. You do need to see an endicrinologist, though, and get his/her opinion. Maybe their are drugs or something that can get rid of it if it's minor, but I don't think so. A mass of solid tissue (especially if it's been there for years) likely isn't going anywhere, hence the need for surgery. But get it checked out.


How did the surgery work out for you? Are there scars or any noticable remnants? I was thinking of getting it done.


I had it done about 15 years ago (when I was 16). There are very minor scars along the bottom half of the nipple, but they're placed just such that you almost don't notice them unless you look really closely, because they're right where the nipple meets the regular skin.

Also, I think surgeons are able to do an even better job nowadays, as the procedure has probably improved a bit, and I was probably a bit too aggressive in moving around and doing things when I was still bandaged up and healing. Nevertheless, the scars are still very very minor, and the surgery was completely successful. I have absolutely zero regrets.


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At least you disclaimed it yourself. Why be a tard? I don't believe anyone said "I just can't get my hands on enough microwaved soy" here.


Thanks for the help, I think I will go and see a doctor.

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