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Gyno and Steroids

Hey, I wanted to post a message concerning my experience with gynenocomastia and steroids.

First of all let me tell you that I got gyneo at age thirteen. I have been self conscious ever since. I have been weight lifting and dieting ever since to try to look better. I eventually turned to steroids that were suppose to combat gyneo while maintaining muscle on a cutting diet.

I have only tried two steroids. The first one was the oral form of winstrall. I planned on a 2 month cycle at 25mgs a day. Within 3 weeks my gyneno worsened. I immediately stopped and I think I tried clomid at 100mg for a month and it helped a little but some permanent damage was done.

Recently I started a cycle with an injectable. I started a 12 week cycle of EQ. At three weeks I started to feel the gyneo coming on again. This time I took 20mg nolvadex and 100mg clomid but my problem persisted so I started Femera at .5mg a day.

It worked but I got a bad shoulder injury and Got real sick so I had to discontinue my cycle and the femera. I took my nol and clomid for a month or so. I think I contained the damage this time.

I am posting this subject for feedback and also to warn people that some individuals can’t use steroids without developing Gyneno. Also femera is an extremely powerful drug and lowers
estrogen so much that it lowers your immune system and can cause joint injury.

I have studied steroids for years and the claims that winstrol cannot cause gyneo is false. Also Eq ended up causing problems as well.

I am going to get surgery next year. Hopefully it will resolve my problem. Unfortunately I won’t be able to use steroids in the future. It sucks because I have built a good physique but I wanted to get Huge. I just can’t risk worsening my gyneo especially after I spend 4 to $8,000 on surgery.

[quote]GoodKnight wrote:

some individuals can’t use steroids without developing Gyneno. [/quote]

thats bullshit.

if you already knew you were prone to gyno, you should have run an AI with your cycle.