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Gyno, and a Test Deca Stack?

ok so i have a little gyno i want rid of. would it be smart to take letro while on or before my cycle to help reverse gyno, and then take nolva and hcg as a pct? any advise? thanksss

May I ask what the gyno is from?
like did you cycle before?
What is your bf %

i got the gyno from pro hormones(which are a waste btw) my bf% is 8

woops bf % is 11

How long have you had this gyno for?

There is a protocol using letro that has shown in some cases to reduce or remove gyno.

ya thats why i am atking letro, i jsut dont know how to take it, like if i do before my cycle ?

Read the serm and a.i sticky it should help you i would comment but i have never ran letro my self.

How bad is gyno?
Is it fatty tissue or mammory or both?
Is it stable or still itchy/sore/growing?
How long you had it?
How old are you?

i have one the size of a pea on my right side and about a marble on my left, there pretty solid but i started taking just some estro supress fom nutrishop and its been going down. It was somewhat painfull/ itchy but less since the estro supress. i have had them for a couple weeks.

this is the cycle you recommended me
Wk1-8 Test E 250mg
Wk1-8 Deca 200mg
Wk9-12 Test E 100mg
Wk11 Nolvadex 40mg/d
Wk12 Nolvadex 30mg/d
Wk13 Nolvadex 20mg/d
Wk14 Nolvadex 10mg/d

i also posted on the original thread about letro. should i start using this a week before my first injection and run it fora few weeks?

hey man - i didnt recommend it to you knowing you had active gyno!

jdamn good cycle with a very limited choice though, i must say.

But i really wouldnt be doing any test and deca while i had active gyno - i mean that.

NOT a good plan, big-tits. (that was a taste of the mocking to come if you decide to run a cycle!)



which nutrishop? I work at the one in socal…which estro blocker? which pro hormones? I’ve honestly dealt with this kind of stuff a lot with people coming into my shop.

letro has killed most gyno caused by american cellulars “tren extreme” in the severe cases it hasn’t but most got itchy sensitive nips and small lumps. The letro at least stopped it from progressing.


the one off crown valley and goldenlanter/moulton. and i got them from taking alphadrol aka pheradrol and tren. if i took lestro before my cycle do oy think that would do the trick?

oh and the estroblocker is called estro-supress

what city is the nutrishop? Idk where you are talking about.

The tren in the alphadrol is your culprit imo. Several people have been saying they even started lactating or getting sensitive nipples. Who makes estro suppress? the pcr they sell is the strongest stuff as it has methyl atd.

If you have letro I would look up the letro cycle proposed in the gyno sticky. Take the letro by itself as directed and if the gyno is going to go away it will, if it won’t then you will have to make the decision if you will want to run a 19-nor (real similar to the tren problem your having) and test which aromatizes to estrogen. Both can make your gyno worse imo.

Honestly look up the letro protocol in the gyno sticky and give that a shot. Then go from there.

my opinion…


its in the city of laguna niguel. the estro supress is made by sci fit
and i only took less then half the bottle…(my friends leftovers) and its actauly going away, so i think if i took some letro it would resolve the problem.

well next time (if ever) you do pro hormones you better have a little more respect for them in the pct department.

I’d do the letro properly then stay off of anything for a month or so to let your endocrine system get back to homeostasis (normal) before going on anything hormonal.

Good luck.