Gyno After First Injection?

On Friday I did my first injection to the gluten of HCG and Test E 300mg. (So 0.5ml split 2 times per week for 300mg.)

Today (2 days later) my nipples feel like they are on fire. They are not sensitive to touch and also look pretty normal. My chest is also tight (could be from workout.)

Is it possible that this is the onset of gyno so quickly after my first injection?

I have Arimidex on hand, but I don’t want to crashy est levels if it’s too early.

I have also been feeling my nipples so it could just be down to rubbing/feeling them.

What’s your go too nipple rub/feeling? We talking like a little pinch and twist action or full on hand full?
One at a time or both at the same time?

Cmon man! lol.

I dont know but maybe I just got too paranoid and felt them too long causing them to feel warm idk

I like a full palm rub myself. No pinching or twisting

No. The test hasnt even started really working. You probably had an ongoing problem already.

The burning sensation has gone/moved to muscle soreness. I guess I went hard at the gym. I think I’m just nervous because it’s my first cycle.

When I got bloods before cycle Estrogen was fine.

Yea,its probably stress, anxiety and overthinking. Gyno doesnt appear in 1 day or even 1 week. Its a slow process and can always be reversed.


Take 10-20mg of nolva on cycle. I bet you won’t have any issues with gyno, and you won’t crash your E2 either, like you might risk with adex. I wish people told me this old school wisdom when I first started, rather than telling me to use adex.

This. I still have a small gyno lump from when my dumb ass did 50mg Dbol/day for 10 weeks with no AI or SERM way back in the day. I had puffy nips and pain for weeks and only walked away from it with a very tiny gummy-bear size lump under one nipple.

You have to abuse aromitizing shit for a looong time to develope permanent gyno. I will caution you not to let puffiness/burning/painful breasts go on for more than 7-10 days unchecked, though.

Everyone’s biology is different and you may be prone to gyno. If it persists for another week, go get labs done and rethink things.

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Can always be reversed how …???

After my third pin of Test Enanthate 300mg, I noticed a hard bump under each nipple. It’s not really visible or sensitive/swollen around my nipple and my nipples aren’t sensitive. However I’m convinced it’s gyno. Which is giving me bad anxiety and depression.

This is my first ever cycle. I took 0.5mg of arimedex last night. I’m not sure if they have shrunken and gotten softer after taking arimedex.

I don’t know what to do really… Is it possible to reverse this with arimedex? Shall I see my 10 weeks out?

Yeah my Estrogen was 70.1pmol/l beforehand. I’m obsessing like crazy. Even though its not visible.

However beforehand my prolactin was 494mu/l. Which I’ve heard can also cause gyno.

For early gyno symptoms, I was previously prescribed 20mg Nolvadex for 28 days. Take from that what you will. Arimidex does nothing for my gyno symptoms it’s more of a proactive measure.

Not without some consequences. Stick with Nolva like Zeus said. I found that I needed a lot less than 20mg daily to shrink and hold back early gyno, assuming you have real Nolva to begin with.