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Gyno a Few Weeks After PCT


1-11wk 500mg Test E
1-8wk 75mg Tbol

20/20/10/10 Nolva
25mg Aromasin throughout PCT
500iu/day HCG first 10 days of PCT

Been about 2-3 weeks after PCT, and developing a pea sized lump under nipple. Should I hit it with Nolva @20mg for another 2 weeks?


How long did you wait after your cycle finishing to start PCT?

Was this your first cycle or? Because I can see numerous things wrong with it, not that it matters now.


Way too much AI used during the extent of PCT.

You are supposed to taper off the AI and be completely off it, in most cases, before PCT ends.

You likely are experiencing estrogen rebound. Using nolva will not solve this problem, but it will stop gyno, obviously. If you only use nolva than you are banking on your estrogen leveling it self out.


Waited 2 weeks till is started PCT. So should I just wait for it to normalize and not take anything?




"Normalize?" Not sure exactly what you mean, but you definitely don't want it to "normalize" into breast tissue, so by all means take nolva. You might need to go to an AI. There's no one, sure-fire solution, but dealing with it immediately is your best hope.


just got some aromasin, so im going going to run nolva and aromasin and taper is off slowly for 3 weeks