Gyno 3 Weeks Into Low Dose Cycle

Hey guys. So I’m 3 weeks into a test e (100mg doc prescribed trt) and tren ace (200mg) cycle and I’m noticing some small lumps and sensitivity in my right nip. I just started .25mg prami per day 4 days ago to see if that helps the situation but has anyone else had this experience on only 200mg tren. I’ve ran it before with no issues so I dont know what the odd factor could be here. Cheers

Could get labs to confirm the high prolactin. Prami should kick in pretty quickly

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Yeah I’m hoping the prami works quick. Blood tests are tough to make appointments for right now due to covid but I’ll update in a week

Never had gyno, but really not a believer of taking tren twice as high as test… also, dont really understand why fuck with tren if you have done only 100mg of test… you could have just upped the test… you are bringing a destroyer plane to a fist fight…

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You have a good point and maybe that’s a better route to go down. I’ve run this same cycle for 6-8 weeks a few times on a recomp with no issues until now. I’m just surprised that this time around I’m having issues and cant pinpoint where the problem would be coming from