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Gynecomastia Surgery Soon

Hello all, I’m new here.

About to get my gyno surgery. How happy are you guys with your surgery afterward and what were the results? I was told by my surgeon that from the area where they removed it, it could potentially have a small area that is caved in from the tissue removed. Does that eventually fill back in with muscle tissue? Thanks all!

I got my surgery 15 years ago and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. Mine was puberty induced. I never had any issues with a caved in area. My chest was sore for about 6 weeks after.

Thank you,

My surgery is going to be performed using Tri-care which means I did not get to select my provider since the location here had a surgeon that does gyno surgery. Do you think I will b r satisfied after even though it was not technically a “cosmetic” surgeon?

From mine and my brothers experience a plastic surgeon will care more about after surgery aesthetics than a general surgeon. I used a general surgeon and while I’m happy with the surgery in general the end product looks better on my brother whos was done by a plastic surgeon.
Just my 2c.