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Gynecomastia Surgery - My Story / Tips (QC/Canada)

He everyone,

I want to share with you my story of my gynecomastia to help poeple with the same problem.
Attention, there is a difference between gynecomastia and adipomastia …
** Sorry for my poor English…

Short: gynecomastia is a hard ball under your nipple caused by hormonal broblemes(estrogen or

So I’m 23yo, 210 pounds 6’0’’, 10-12% BF. At 18yo I have used steroid like testosterone at high dose like 1g/week with no AI like arimidex or nolvadex (estradiol to the roofff) for 4months and somes others after that and good pct between them.

Some people will never have problems with their mammary glands because they have fewer receptors than others in those area. Unfortunately for me, it was the opposite, my breast was growing and it was very sensible (no lactation because not too high progesterone). Until 2-3 cycles of steroid, I was unable to exceed 200mg of testosterone/week if not my nipples hurt.

I went to see a private doctor in the Montreal area and he prescribed me arimidex for 20 days at 1 mg / day(I was off this time with no exogenus testosterone in my body for a year). No energy, no sex drive for those 20days, my breast had come back smaller and the fat around had decreased too. Super this is what I wants but I told to me.

**BUT, months later with no exogenus testosterone just by drinking every weekend alcool at my university partys my nipple came back. I am a person sensible to the conversion of my testosterone in to estrogen.

After some time, I decided to run others cycles but with low dose of testosterone with alway an AI like arimidex with low dose trenbolone or masteron, winstrol stuff like that. But if I up my dose of trenbolone my nipple was again sensible (progesterone up) with no cabergolin because it’s is very expensive and rare.

So a day, I tell to my private Dr. at Montreal if I can get the operation: He tells me YESS, but it’s very rare insurance will cover this shit so you need to pay for this. OKK great.

I drop my BF to 9% and take arimidex 0.5mg OED to reduce my gynecomastia for the analyse to drop the price of the bill with success.

He gave me the name of the surgical clinic of Dr Ronald G. Zelt… I called a few days later, they sent me some documents to fill out. In 1 week, I have my meeting with the surgeon, he examines what to do and informs me the procedure. They tell me it’s between 3000 and 6000 for ginecomastia surgery. I receive my bill after this examination and this was minor so 3000. Good news, the surgery date was only 10 days after I met him. I had to take blood tests in a private center (200)to get my results faster and everything was correct.

The day of the operation, my girlfriend accompanied me to drive me after the operation, it is necessary. He brings me into the room to introduce me the drugs to fall asleep and Boom, I wake up 3 hours later, everything went well. No pain.

3 days later, no pain and I have a kind of bulletproof jacket to support and protect my breasts for 2 weeks and two threads with containers as big as a fist to collect very little blood. I have Dilaudid for the pain but just take it for sleeping it helps a lot.

** I will send picture before and after the surgery in 2 weeks !
**if you have any questions about the process, feel free to ask me, my post is to help poeple.


You sir are a poet. Congrats on the surgery


Say it like it is, he gave you a bra. Lol, just kidding. Congrats that the surgery went smooth!

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hahaha lol
yess it’s a bra :’((

No pics? How did you go about finding a surgeon? There doesn’t seem to be many in my area advertising for this type of procedure (NY/NJ).

Did you try looking at the portfolios of local cosmetic surgeons?

It was my private doctor who recommended this surgeon to me, because he had already performed several operations of this kind with his patients.

And pics in 2 weeks, like I said in the text. I have before and now i need the after in 2 weeks

Its a mansseire. Get your terms right LOL

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Yes but being they didn’t specialize in it which made me kinda leery. I don’t feel confident in a “jack of all trades, master of none” type of surgeon. I’d rather find someone that does this type of procedure all the time. The pics weren’t all that impressive either.

I understand you, but at first I knew it was not his first time. My doctor sends all of his patients to see this surgeon. Also, this operation is really simple according to them, so yes I would take an experienced surgeon without too much worry either.