Gynecomastia Returns?

Hello, I am a 23 year old male, 5 foot 8, not exactly sure of bodyfat, but lean enough. I have had a case of gynecomastia since the age of 13. The development of breast tissue probably did more damage to my psyche than any other experience of my life. I have dreaded the pool & social activites for years.

Tomorrow I am going in for gynecomastia surgery with Dr. Frank Isik at the Polyclinic in Seattle. I am excited to begin with a new chest. However, I am wondering if anyone who has had the surgery could offer some experiences with results etc. This seems like the right place to post.

I have been nervous about the possibility of it coming back. I most certainly have what I perceive to be symptoms of reduced Test. Very low sex drive, been on 100mg of Zoloft etc. for depression medication for 4 years, my grandmother has more facial hair than me, cold hands and nose most of the time. Needless to say i’m pretty messed up somehow. Is there a chance for gynecomastia to return post surgery? I’d hate to drop 6 thousand dollars on surgery only to have it come back.



Well anyhow… I had the surgery yesterday. It went well, I will try and post pre and post op photos. I searched gynecomastia on the boards, it seems that there has been some interest in results from the surgery. If anyone wants to see how mine turns out I’ll probably have photos in 3 weeks.