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Gynecomastia Problem 10 Weeks Into Cycle

I am on week 10 of 750mg sust
500 mg deca
And I took 50 mg anadrol for the first 5 weeks
I was taking.5 arimidex ED while I was on cycle.
I ran this cycle before and no issues.If I ever felt a lump in my chest I would take 20 mg nolva and it will go away.
Any way this time there is two pea sized lumps on each of my chest.I kept taking the arimidix and started 20mg nolva for 3 days which I raised to 40 mg for another 3 days. The lumps are not improving ,painful and my nipples are super sensitive.
I stopped the cycle and will continue with nolva 20-40 mg for a month.
I can’t get LETRO or Caber.
Any recommendations?
Any help appreciated

Ralox. Pretty much the best choice for reducing gyno at the point you’re at.

Thank you.

Can you get Vit B6 (P5P). Could be a prolactin issue

Here’s my opinion… from experience only. I’ve had pea sized lumps twice now and they were painful. Both times they subsided by lowering aromatizing dose and throwing in some Nolva. You are already doing it right. Heres the CAVEAT… it takes time. Those lumps don’t go away quickly. I wouldn’t throw the kitchen sink at it unless its getting worse. You’re taking the proper measures so let it resolve.

Will try vit B6
Thank you for the feedback

I Think you are right.
Will keep taking Nolva and see .
Thank you

Bloods my friend. Bloods, bloods, bloods. Stop guessing things, trust me I have done that and it fucked me up.

Get your E2 checked before taking so much adex. Get your prolactin and progesterone checked. Get everything checked man. Get blood work done, post that, and these wonderful members can help you based on facts and not guess just like how you are as well.

If you don’t, there will be even more problems down the road. You might get severe acne. Your dick might stop working. Hair might fallout. Fuck, you could even get depressed and suicidal like how I did because of side effects. Get on top of blood work and you will solve 90% of your issues.

PS: Also make sure you get tested for Estradiol Sensitive. Don’t get the regular cheap shit labs like doing. That shit is inaccurate.

First thank you for feed back.
I don’t want to involve my physician in this.and If I get tested it has to be off record.
I can do quest diagnostics tests though and post results here.
By the way am in the medical field my self .
I stopped the adex and jus taking nolva 20-40 mg a day.
Stopped my cycle completely.
Thanks again and

Then don’t involve your physician. Go the private route, but untill you do, there could be a thousand things that could be wrong, and ALL we can do is GUESS.

And once we guess, you’re going to have to do things that may not work, because their based on people just guessing. It could fuck you up even more brother. Trust me.

Make getting blood work your top priority. You might even need to stay on adex. Who knows where your E2 levels are? You never got them tested. They could be sky rocketing right now, making the gyno even worse sometime soon. See where I am getting at? You’re doing things by just guessing and assuming.

Until you do blood work, you never know what’s wrong. Even the most knowledgeable person in this field could be wrong when helping you, because they’re just guessing.

Please don’t make the same mistake I and many other people who post about side effects did. I don’t care how, but get bloods done. Then post them and everyone will help you based on facts.

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That was a sound advice.
Thank you

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How do you get bloodwork done what do you tell your physician or quest employee

I’m from Canada so I have no idea how you guys do it in the states. I use an app called maple which costs me $50 to get blood work, then the blood work its self is another $150. All currency is in CAD for me keep in mind.

I would suggest you open a new thread or just use the search bar. Best of luck, and good job looking to do blood work! You’re on the right track.

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I use Private Labs MD. No doctors, no questions, results sent to your email.

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