Gynecomastia or Excess Body Fat?

Hey guys, I’ve been concerned with my nipples for some time now. I started my first cycle of test E 500mg/w on 10th Aug. I don’t know if I’m paranoid or not, but my left nipple is kinda ithchy. I’ve always had funny looking nipples but never thought it could be gyno. Does it look like gyno or just excess fat (maybe 17-20%). When my nipples are erect they look fine, but when they are in “normal” state they look kinda puffy. Do you guys think I can get gyno symptoms just 4-5 days after 1st injection(250mg). I’m training jiu jitsu, so roling might have aggreviated my nipples. I got arimidex on hand, but I’m currenly not taking any. Any advices on dosing the arimidex?
Here are photos of my chest in “normal” state:

Here are photos of my chest with erect nipples:

And here are two pictures in better lightning, the other is an old photo from 2013 when I really was skinny:

They look a little like gyno, in the first couple of shots, but they were probably like that before steroids. I always recommend Nolvadex (tamoxifen) 10-20mg to keep the gyno away on cycle.

Adex and arimistane are too harsh and destroy my E2 rather than supress the body’s ability to process it.

Thank you for the reply! I have tamoxifen prepared for PCT. Cycle is planed to go 10 weeks test e 500, then week 12-13 tamoxifen 40mg followed by week 14-15 tamoxifen 20mg. Should I change my protocol?

The pics definitely look like fat, not gyno. If you pinch behind the nipples are there any pea size lumps? Do they hurt?

Nolvadex works very well for gyno, but not very well for other high estrogen symptoms. Stick with arimidex, aromasin or letrozole for high estrogen symptoms on cycle. If any gyno appears then you also want to add nolva. Also for PCT you want to use Nolva.

Pretty much if you are getting excessive acne, bloating, or itchy burning nipples, then take a half of a AI pill. If itchy burning nipples aren’t gone within 4 hours, then take the other half. Sure, some might say you risk crashing your estrogen, it if you’re getting those symptoms, you need to get rid of them, and you will learn how well you tolerate the AI at the same time.

Sorry for the late reply. Below my nipple I can feel pea sized lumps. I’m not sure if they were pre-existing. 24hr after test injection i take 0.5mg anastrozole. Im getting into week 5 and still haven’t seen any benefits from taking testosterone. Strength is basically the same, maybe lost a bit of fat, while maintaining weight. Is it possible that this dose is too low. Pre-cycle blood work showed I’ve got high testosterone (was lifetime natural).