Gynecomastia - Options?

So this is my first post but have some questions. I recently have lost almost 60 pounds and am starting a cycle of test-e. I know your PCT is to prevent the start of gyno “bitch tits” but what if you already have slight bitch tits due to the weight loss. I am 5’8" tall and currently weigh 230. My bf is guessed at about 22%. I lifted weights for several years consistantly but have always hated cardio until the last 8 months which is when I started losing weight so fast.

I purchased Nolva for my PCT but am wondering if there is anything I can do to clean up the bitch tits?

Some would suggest looking at the Letro protocol in the stickies…

You should always use an AI in any cycle that contains aromatizable aas though.

Surgery is probably your best option.

Go to the doctor and have this diagnosed as gyno first so you can be sure. If you have Gyno the only viable option is surgery.

If you are starting a cycle you should be using AI anyway, this will stop existing gyno worsening, or stop it developing in the first place if you don’t have it.

22% BF is quite high so if you are prone to storing fat on your chest it may be difficult to distinguish whether your problem is just fat or actual gyno.

Thanks guys for the info

Some people have had success with 4-6 week cycles at moderate doses of Epistane, as it is a steroidal compound that was originally designed to treat breast cancer, it was later found to have success treating gyno. Epistane is the drug’s orally available version.


The thing to remember is that these studies lasted eight weeks, much longer than a recommended Epistane cycle. However, the results are extremely encouraging.

Pct is not to prevent the start of gyno. You need to do more research.

22% is too fat to begin a cycle. Im not sure why you think its a good idea to start a cycle at this point. You arent ready imo, physically and knowledge wise. Can you explain why you think startinf a cycle at 22% bf is a good idea?

Also what are some lifting numbers.

Sounds more like your BF is too high and with losing the weight you have the apperance of gyno. Are your nipples tender or itchy, do you have a lump or mass you can feel? I know a lot of guys who just have “puffy” nipples unless they carry low bf %. They need to be in single digits before the puffiness goes away.

I also agree with Bonez, starting a cycle at 22% bf is asking for trouble. I heard someone on here once say " you should start using AAS when you look like you use AAS" or something to that effect.