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Gynecomastia, Odd Cause (Medication)

Anyone know of anyone on Hiv meds that has caused gynecomastia? Trying to figure out the cause of mine, as I have never been on steroids, very low body fat and no other causes that I know of. I do not have the soreness, but a build up of fat around the nipple area, and some fibrous lumps in the general area. It mild now,but I want to stop it now.

I am on something called Sustiva (hiv med) which is known for causing it but also other things like propecia, as well as other meds that could contribute.
I know if its because these meds my alter my normal hormones, but if the Sustiva causes the fatty build up by a different means, not sure if an anti estrogen would do anything. Thanks, Roscoe

I have a friend with HIV that is actually prescribed an insane amount of Syntex Anadrol-50. (My lovely source)

I do not speak with him much of his disease but I believe he has mild gyno. But who the hell wouldnt taking 100mg of anadrol daily for months on end.

I do believe he has some type of disease that is actually deteriorating his muscle (hence the drol).

I will give him a shout and see if i can scoop up some more information for you.


Thanks man, yeap long term hiv and or long term hiv meds can cause muscle wasting and I have also heard it can basically shut down your natural production of Test. Lucky for me thats not the problem. But one of my meds may be converting the test to estrogen or maybe the gyneo is being caused by an action very differently than altered hormones. In his case he may have a little to much and his body may be converting the excess to estrogen…we have all heard of that.