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Gynecomastia, Odd Cause (Medication)

Early 40’s here very good shape, very low body fat, never on steroids, not someone you would normally think would start getting this fat around the nipple and fibrous tissue in the surrounding area (have had that tissue checked and its just that fibrous)

I am on a lot of meds that have a reputaion for contributing to gyneo.
Number one Sustiva (an Hiv med) not sure by what action it causes this but it does. Second Propecia (hair loss drug) that ones pretty clear how it could cause it and its even in the list of side effects in the package. It blocks Dht. But I am also on temazepam and xanax, sleeping pill and nerve pill they are both benzodiazepines known to cause this after long term use.
Are there any poz folks on here who might have this same problem? Or anyone who is just very knowledgable.
(My Doc not that knowledgable about these things, but we recently did check all my hormone levels).

Not sure if the Sustiva alters my normal hormones so I am not sure what someone would do in this case (do not really want to have to go of that med as its very beneficial) The propecia would be the next most likely culprit but I really like keeping my hair…
It may just be way overloading my body with all these meds…

One last thing, the only thing thats changed in the last two years is my use of Whey protein, about 80 grams a day every day, and Creatine 4 times a week, anyone heard of this being a contributing factor?

Thanks, Roscoe

Make your post a bit clearer and get to the point faster. I really can’t be bothered reading it, and a lot of people will probably feel the same.

Just a thought.

And please remove the male side-boob from your avatar. Please.

EDIT: And no, I’m not trying to be a tool, but clarity of post is what most people will go for. Just some friendly advice.

EDIT 2: And this is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard.

[center][quote]Ya can only eat so much chicken[/quote][/center]

You can never eat too much chicken. That shit’s tasty.

Will try to clarify and simplify it but it a rather complicated issue, lots going on.

As far as the pic, its all I had the other day when I got on here, did not think I really needed one at all but just threw one up there…Did not waste alot of time or thought as to what pic I used.

Yeah I like Chicken its just in order to get enough protein that alot of prep, for me anyway…

Its so much easier just to stir up a whey protein drink… just a lazy guy here…lol. But I do eat chicken and tuna bout every day, along with beans and rice and cottage cheese…

Two threads? I will reply here as well I suppose.

I found his post fine. Dont understand the 100 word post without any reply to his proposed problem. Quite useless.

I will talk to a friend of mine that has HIV and see if he has any information that could be of use to you.


Thanks man!

[quote]BMC85 wrote:
I found his post fine. Dont understand the 100 word post without any reply to his proposed problem. Quite useless. [/quote]

Yeah, funny that. Kinda like having two threads on the same topic.

My guess is he made a second thread because the first one you didnt like.

Now what useful information do you have?


I talked to my buddy, he said his case is very much different because it is very obvious why he has trouble with gyno. So it is hard even for a doc to tell if other things are contributing to his gyno because of all the anadrol he is taking.

I’m writing down the specific meds you are taking and he said he’ll try to send me some information on each.


about the chicken and the prep

I get in about 6 breasts a day its easy
get a foreman gril slap them bitches on there sprinkel with somethin and wait 5 mins done

I actually stand there and eat one as the one going in my meal is cooking

too much is never too much

[quote]BMC85 wrote:
My guess is he made a second thread because the first one you didnt like.

Now what useful information do you have?


Actually, I saw the other one, then I saw this one. Kinda shoots that theory down.

Now I do know the hiv med I am on, Sustiva has the reputaion of sometimes causing gynecomastia, just wondering if it causes it by the same mode as would being on steroids or having a hormone imbalance.
I am hoping it does, because it could be treated as if I was someone with traditional gynecomastia… hopefully before it gets bad…

I don’t see much about gyno. Where’d you get your info from? I’d also be very wary about mixing Sustiva and any other meds without consulting your Doctor.

Yeap its there, just do a google search for Sustiva and gynecomastia. But I found it first on a gynecomastia website, where they had put together a list of drugs known to cause or worsen gyneo. Some more than others, so yes it may be a mix of the things I am on overwhelming my body, but I have been on all of them for years. And my Doc knows about everything I am on. Believe me I am in the process of weaning myself off everything I can do safely (cept the hiv med).

It may be a fairly new phenom, I am in an odd situation taking the meds I do for so very long, plus being poz for almost 2 decades does very weird things to your body too,causes things most people do not have to deal with… you do not want to know…One fun side effect you probably have never heard of with poz guys on meds is “Buffalo hump” I am sure you imagine what that looks like on a guys back and neck.

At any rate, ask your doctor about Tamoxifen or Anastrozole. But ASK FIRST.

AFAIK Tamoxifen is never prescribed as an Anti Estrogen in men - According to a couple of Doctor’s (UK at least). I cant say for A-Dex but i doubt it.

Tamoxifen is used (sometimes) to counter gyno.

But A-Dex is off-label use (for gyno).

Yeap thats the one I am gonna run by my doc…

Anadrol is an oral steroid, that and other orals and drugs can create demands on the limited capacity of the liver’s P450 enzyme pathways. Same for alcohol and grapefruit juice. Your meds included. Google [drugname P450 liver] for each drug that you are taking. Excess E also causes mood, depression and other mental problems that can be typically cleared up when serum E2 is reduced to the lower 20’s [0-53]pg/ml.

When that sort of thing goes on, the liver has more difficulty clearing estrogen from the body, and estrogen goes up. The increasing E can substantially shutdown the HPTA, T levels fall and you have estrogen dominance. SERMs can help restore some balance for a fix term, adex can be used with that to lower estrogen [SERMs cannot do that. Confused… research!] The adex can be long term.

An increased T:E ratio improves the immune system!

Any damage to the liver from Hep-C or any liver disease can also turn the T:E balance upside-down.